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Friday, March 30, 2012

If I Had My Wish

    Jared and I have been thinking about when we want the baby to come. We have a plan all set up, which we know won't happen, but it's fun to pretend! 

    For me to get maternity leave, the baby has to come after my one year mark at Bank of America. Which is April 4th, next Wednesday. I think that part will be OK. Most everyone has been having their babies late, so with my due date on the 11th, we should be fine!

    Plan A: Next Friday is Good Friday. Jared has that day off, which is awesome. I have to work, but that's all good! So Baby can start coming Thursday, the day before. I don't work that day, she can come in the afternoon so Jared can get off and we can beat traffic to get to the hospital when things progress. And then Baby can come out on Good Friday, making it Awesome Friday! Jared already has the day off so he won't have to use a personal day! It's also after the golf thing in Augusta so my Mom might have an easier time getting the day off. 

    After the Doctor visit yesterday, I was told my due date was a little off. Their computer estimated the day is really April 16th. So Baby could very well be coming a little bit later than planned, but that's no big deal. 

    Plan B: With the later date, Jared found a day in the middle as a compromise. But the day between the 11th and 16th is the 13th. Haha Friday the 13th! I think that would be pretty funny. Again, it's a Friday, which would be pretty awesome. And it will be pretty historical and hysterical she comes on what is perceived as a bad luck day! We'll make sure to avoid black cats and ladders and knocking over salt all that day :)

    Day-dreaming about when Baby decides to come gets me excited! I want to have a cute baby in the Baby room and I am so ready to see what she looks like! I am also excited to start working back into my pre-pregnancy clothes :) I don't have many Spring or Summer maternity clothes, so my wardrobe is getting pretty limited. (I was going to say getting pretty slim, but I'm just getting bigger and bigger!)

    I'll keep ya'll updated on how things are going. Crossing our fingers she comes a little early on the 6th so we can have Baby to play with for Easter!

Monday, March 26, 2012

The Room Is Set Up!

    Saturday was so fun! My mom came up for the baby shower a friend in our church threw for me, which was awesome! More people came than I thought would and I met some great women who I really hope to become friends with. 

    We played some fun games and the food was yummy. I got more things for the baby, and some of it I really needed! Like a bottle brush!!! :)

    And after the shower my mom took Jared and I out to get the final few things we needed like nail clippers and a little grooming kit. For the past...ever...we've just had all the baby stuff scattered all over the floor. My mom got sick of it, I guess, and got us a fun shelf thing to put stuff away :) 

    Jared finished our great dresser! Mom couldn't believe it was the same dresser she had growing up! It looks so good and it matches our crib perfectly. With the laundry soap mom bought us, we washed all the baby clothes and organized them by size and put them in the drawers!

    We also went to Michael's and got some baskets for their cuteness and functionality! The baskets my mom found fit the room perfectly. I'm going to have to get more. 

    Anyhow, we're just so excited the room is done and looks so good! I just like to walk in and see how cute it is and think about how excited I am to have a baby in it! 

    Here's the room!

 The crib with the blanket my grandma Hunt made and Winnie The Pooh pictures above it
 Technically, these were decorations from the baby shower my mom threw for me - and there's the vibrating chair :)

 Balloons from the first baby shower, the bassinet (Moses Basket), the shelf next to the finished dresser
 The closet with diapers and wipes stacked up - baby's dresses all hung up

    The last thing I can think we need is just a travel case for wipes. And if that's really all that we need left, I think we're doing pretty good!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Back To Reality

    After such a great day yesterday, it's hard getting my butt off the couch and do some work around the apartment. 

    I get weekly emails and tips about my pregnancy and they almost always mention a burst of energy the last couple weeks called "nesting." I am SO not a nester right now...

    We had a great day at the doctor, I got a massage and a new hair style yesterday. It would be awesome if today was just another day for me to relax since I have the day off work. But, unfortunately, I have some things to do. 

    My mom is coming out for my ward baby shower this weekend, which will be so fun. So I need to clean up the whole apartment. It doesn't look bad, it just needs a little touch-up. The dresser is 90% finished, which means the baby's room is about 70% finished. I have the baby's clothes scattered all over the floor in "organized" piles, but once the dresser is done, I'll wash the clothes and put them in the dresser. 

    I also have to clean the bathrooms. My stuff seems to spread every day. My makeup bag has exploded all over, I have bobby pins in every room of the apartment, jewelry can be found on almost every surface, including in the kitchen. 

    Speaking of the kitchen, I also have to clean that. I get bursts of energy sometimes, but not for cleaning. The other day, I had a strong desire to make a cake. I wanted something I made it! In the process, I also made quite a mess.

    The cabinets are also getting a little disorganized. I have a cabinet that is full of tupperware, but it's all jumbled up. I have no idea where half the lids are (probably on the very top I can't see) and it's just a mess. So I plan on taking all of it out and re-doing the whole thing. I have the time, so why not!

    Shoes will be my first order of business. I have so many it seems and by the time I get home after doing whatever, I just want them off! Once the door closes, I kick off my shoes and head straight for the couch. Sometimes the shoes make it to the rack, but most of the time...they don't...

    I guess I should stop blogging and playing around! I have quite a bit to do and it takes me twice as long to get things done! If I sit on the floor, I'm down there for about half an hour unless I have help up. Jared pretty much knows he has to pull me up if ever he wants me off the floor!

    Well, it's back to reality!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Day For Me!

    Today has been pretty great!

    First, it started with an early morning visit to the doctor with Jared! I was able to get a time early enough where Jared could come and not be too late to work. It was so great having him there for the visit. Got to hear the heartbeat and go over more things for when Baby decides to come! 

    After the visit, I dropped Jared off at work and got to keep the car. I needed to drive to the second cool thing about today. Jared surprised me the other day with a massage! He found a great deal online and I am so excited to get a legit massage. It's been a while since my last one and I really need it now. I wake up and my back is SO SORE!

    Third, I got my hair cut today! With the prenatal vitamins, my hair has been growing like crazy. And it is just getting hotter and hotter down here, so long hair was not working out quite so well! Plus, it takes too much time trying to deal with my long hair. Straightening takes a long time, hoping it air dries well is risky, and putting it in a ponytail just bothers me when I do it all the time. 

    I have one picture I'm willing to post on here! Please tell me what ya'll think, good or bad! I need to know if I pull the look off or if I should never do it again! :)

 Cheese! It has lots of layers

    It was nice having a day to myself. Sometimes I just need to be pampered! I'm so close to having this baby and won't have much time to take care of myself when she comes! And the closer we get to delivering, the more uncomfortable I get.  Not uncomfortable for the baby, but as far as sleeping and relaxing goes, I have a difficult time with both. 

Friday, March 16, 2012

Too Hot!!

    It is getting WAY too hot! So much for Winter and a transition into Spring! It feels like we just jumped right into Summer. Which means when Summer does come, I might go crazy!

    Our apartment stays kinda cool when we close the blinds and all that, but after a while, it gets so hot. Jared is a believer in using the fan, but I'm not as much of a fan...hahaha I'm not a fan of using the fan! (When I'm home alone I laugh at my own jokes apparently)

    Two nights ago, it was warm in our room so Jared had the fan going. I have a rough time sleeping with white noise so he turned the fan off. Maybe an hour later, I had to get up. Our room was too warm again! So what did I do? I got up and turned the air conditioning on! 

    My theory, which makes sense to me 4 AM every morning, is: The fan only cools down the air in one small area. But the rest of the apartment is still so warm! The warm area in the rest of the apartment mixes with the air in our one room and makes it warm all over again. 

    So either have the fan on all night, cooling just the one room and I toss and turn. Or, I have the air conditioning on for a little bit which cools the whole apartment!

    Well, the main thing is that it's getting way too hot! And the fact I am an oven cooking a little nugget, it's only going to get worse during the next few weeks. I might just stick my head in the freezer for a few minutes every hour!!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Where Did The Time Go!?

    Oh my goodness, I have only four weeks left from my due date! Which means this baby can pretty much come any time, from what I've heard.

    When it was March 11th, I was freaking out a little because we were down to a month. Now, we're down to just four weeks! Pretty soon we'll be able to countdown on our fingers the days til she comes.

    Every couple nights I tell Jared I'm a little scared for the day to come closer. I keep feeling we aren't prepared. I've been told now should be my nesting phase as we get ready for the baby to come, but I'm not nesting. I'm running around with my head cut off trying to think of things we need to get!

    Her room is a mess right now with her clothes all over the place. We're still working on finishing the dresser where we will put all the clothes. The bathroom stuff is still MIA, but we're getting a few things. My friend Rachel sent me a really cute towel, which we love! 

    We really have lots of the things we need, I just get frantic about not being ready when she comes. It would be great if she would come when I want her to, rather than when she feels like it's time!

    But, I know it's not that easy :) We'll just see what happens I guess. That seems to be what I say the most lately. It's my new catch-phrase. 

    "We'll see what happens"

    Oh, we got a few of our maternity pictures! They are on Rhonda Rae Photography's Facebook page (click on her name. It's a link to the page). When we get all of them, I'll put a few of our favorite pictures on here.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Feeling More Prepared

    Ok, so I know I have NO idea what we're getting in to with this baby, but there are a few things that are making me feel better. 

    For example, I've had some good doctor visits lately. And now that I have a little over a month left, I'll start going every week. The tests have all come back good and the baby has a great heartbeat. She's moving like crazy, which is always a great sign!

    Another good thing is I know the basics about infant CPR and what to do if she's choking. A while back I learned how to do it for babysitting and stuff, but thought I had forgotten most of it. Jared looked up videos on YouTube and I pretty much knew what to do :) It was good to have a refresher, but I hope to NEVER have to use what I know. 

    I got a nursing kit from the doctor's office, which is kinda fun. It has lots of information in it and some free samples. Love free samples!!

    Jared is finishing the dresser and we're checking out a chair this weekend which will complete our furniture needs for the baby's room. We'll get a few more things we need, like bathroom stuff, and then the only thing left for me to freak out about her actually coming!

    The doctor's office gave me some great referrals for pediatricians and we can do a tour of the hospital facilities, which will help me feel a little prepared. Since it's our first baby, I might freak out over every little thing :)

    I'll never be full prepared, and I know that. But I want to be as prepared as I can. As far as parenting classes go, there are some weekend ones we could do, but they are all day things. We'll see if we do one of those or not. 

    I'm also kinda ready for the crazy nights with the fact I'm not sleeping well now. Naps keep me going or I'd probably be a zombie :) With all the bathroom breaks, the heartburn and the crazy ninja kicks I wake up more than a couple times during the night. And then the few nights where it is unbearably hot, I don't sleep much at all!

    But we are so excited for this baby! We're excited to put her in all her cute outfits when she spits up or gets each of them dirty! We're excited to play with her and get her to make fun faces! 

    We know it'll be tough and we can't really plan what will happen, but we're ready to learn and will try to have a good attitude about everything!

    I love and appreciate advice! What are some tips to cope with the last month of pregnancy?