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Friday, December 13, 2013

Movies aren't the same

Ever since becoming a Mom and adjusting to the role, I have a completely different experience watching movies than I did before. 

I'm not saying things are better or worse now, just different. 

For example, Aubrey wants to watch movies all the time. Especially if they have animals and lots of songs. So pretty much, we watch Disney all day, every day. 

Which is fine! I enjoy most of the movies, even though I can complain about pretty much every one :) Jared gets annoyed (I think) when I always trash talk movies. But that's for another post when I want to play devil's advocate. 

We are watching Tarzan right now while waiting for Jared to come home. This movie never really got any sort of emotion from me before. 

But when the baby ape gets eaten by the leopard (or whatever that large cat it) I feel so sad for the Mom and Dad! And then hearing baby Tarzan crying makes my heart break!

Now I care SO MUCH when a baby is involved in a movie! People say you develop a stronger sense of empathy when you read a lot. But my empathy-side has grown so much having Aubrey!

Hearing her cry makes me want to do everything I can to help (unless it's been happening all day and she's just in a cranky mood). So when I hear anything like that in a movie, I feel so sad!

And I greatly dislike parts in movies where parents lose their child. How awful! I can't imagine how that is, and I'd rather not try.

I need to start watching movies that have nothing to do with children. Maybe I'll watch Gladiator when Aubrey is asleep and just skip the part about Maximus's family. Or I'll watch something a little more family friendly like Charade or To Catch A Thief. 

Now, my rant is over.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas 2013

So I'm pretty much done with Christmas this year!

All of the shopping is done. I've wrapped and labeled everything for Jared. I won't bother wrapping Aubrey's stuff. She can do that in Utah. I've sent off my cousin's present and it's already there and wrapped. Hooray for Amazon Prime free trial!

We have Jared's parents' gift and his sibling's gift already sent to Utah.

What's left is mailing my parents' presents and wrapping up my brother and sister-in-law's presents to give to them when they pick us up from the airport in Salt Lake (Utah for people who aren't Mormons).

Our home is all decorated. We have a nice pine smell and I have everything I need to make a WHOLE BUNCH of decorated sugar cookies!

Most of our Christmas movies have been watched and we've eaten some Christmas oreos and I've pretty much eaten a bag of Christmas MnMs. 

It feels pretty good being done this early. Jared still has to wrap all my stuff, but that's easy to do. 

Hooray for Christmas!! I can sit back and actually enjoy everything now that I have the busy stuff finished!

 We even took a couple Christmas pictures!

Pictures are more fun when there is no pressure to take a good one :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Scar

I burned myself! How do I always seem to burn myself on the SIMPLEST of things!

Today, I was hungry for toast so I got the oven preheated. I've SUCCESSFULLY made toast in the oven for YEARS because we don't have a toaster.

I got one piece in and then all the details BLUR together. Aubrey started to come in to the kitchen. I moved quickly to put another bread piece in and close the door at the same time. I didn't move my right hand fast enough and I hit the TOP of the oven while the bar was still RED from heating the oven.

After realizing what I had done, I SHRIEKED, TOSSED the bread in the air, SLAMMED the oven door and RAN to the sink to get some cold water running. Luckily I tossed the bread far enough that Aubrey thought it was a game and chased the bread. That became her lunch while I stood by the sink.

Poor Jared. He has to put up with me ALWAYS burning myself. I can't iron his shirts because I burn myself every other time. Sometimes I don't think and I try to move a frying pan on the stove by PUSHING it really quickly. Half the time I get a quick burn, but it goes away quickly.

My hand was red and burning for QUITE a while after the incident. I had cold water running on it. Then I wrapped up a piece of ice in a wet wash cloth so the cold could cool the burn. Then I put some aloe on it which made it sting. FINALLY, at Aubrey's naptime, I put her down, took some ibprofen and just SLEPT the burning off. 

The redness has gone away leaving a little over an inch scar between two knuckles on my right hand. It still hurts when I spread my fingers to do thing, but it's getting better. 

Needless to say, JARED will be making dinner tonight. I'll keep my DISTANCE from the oven and stove for a few days.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What We Did In Ohio

The whole reason for the trip was for Thanksgiving, so of course we ate lots of food!

I stole these pictures from Aunt Misty, who put them on Facebook.

 The yummy food on the large table

All the good-looking delicious pies!

Aubrey was funny and after eating off my plate, just sat in the middle of the room! I would like people to notice that people OTHER than me and Jared are around her!

Jared and I took advantage of the free babysitters around and made a quick trip to the temple. We don't get to go all too often, so it was nice getting out!

The house was a little cold. It's an older house and is a little drafty. Aubrey was fine though. Found a way to keep herself warm on the couch while watching a movie.

There was also a really warm step by a vent where the warm air would come out. Aubrey quickly took claim of those stairs!

These are also the two steps she would walk up and down. Trying to keep the noise of the movie down, we closed the door. Otherwise, it'd be open and she'd be running up and down them!

We went out to eat one night with Aunt Sara, Uncle Mark and cousin John. It was at a Mexican place and the food was so good. No picture though. We were too busy eating or chasing after Aubrey to get a good picture!

Overall, we just mostly relaxed! We sat and talked with anyone who came over. Had no real plans and didn't care to make any. 

And of course we waited until the last day to get a picture of Aubrey with Grandpa Call. I knew waiting would just make it harder to get a good picture, but it's fine. We got a good one with Jared, Grandpa and Aubrey before she got too cranky.

It was such a fun trip. We got there Thursday a little before noon and left Sunday around noon. And after this successful vacation, I'm looking forward even more to our Christmas vacation in Utah!

Successful Trip!

I was totally expecting the worst this weekend when Aubrey was throwing fits and going crazy the beginning of the week. 

I told Jared Wednesday night that I did NOT want to even ATTEMPT the trip to Ohio. Said he could go and have a great time, but I HATED the thought of Aubrey being terrible AGAIN for a trip to Ohio. The past 2 trips were AWFUL because she would cry at everyone and was just upset constantly. 

But she did so well! Got a little cranky in the car after an hour, but Jared hopped back and held up the computer with a movie on it. Kept her happy the rest of the ride! 

Got to Jared's Grandparents' house just in time for Aubrey's nap. She took an AMAZING nap and woke up just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. I gave her the pacifier to help her feel secure. She sat in my lap the whole time and even ate off my plate! Her version of Thanksgiving was some turkey pieces, lots of fruit, broccoli with cheese, peas and corn!

Just absolutely amazing.

Her favorite thing to do was walk up and down the stairs from the breezeway to the kitchen. It's only 2 steps but she loved it! She'd run to the stairs, stop suddenly, carefully walk down and then run to the other side of the room. Then she'd repeat in reverse!

I'm just SO thankful that Aubrey was happy and cute. It REALLY makes the difference for Jared and me. There were times we could sit and talk with people and she'd just be running around entertaining herself!

It was wonderful being with family and catching up with everyone and having a REAL vacation! Jared and I got to sleep in. We didn't have any plans for most days we were out there!

I love my little girl and I think she is awesome (most of the time). It was so great having everyone else see what a cute and good girl she really is.