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Monday, May 16, 2011

When Was The Last Time I Was Here?

    I can't even remember the last time I blogged. This is nuts. So here it is, the much needed update on our lives in Nashville. 

    Things are going great! Jared is still liking work and so am I! I finished training and moved to my official Bank of America branch which is only a few minutes away from where Jared works. I only work a few days a week and I am in the drive through, which is totally easy! I just talk in the microphone, do what the people ask and I have a machine next to me that counts all the money for me! There are a few times I still have to count, but not very often! Hooray! :)

    The weather has been so funny. One day it was so hot and the next it was raining. Jared and I spent a little bit of a Sunday outside tanning but we haven't had the chance since. So much for having an AWESOME tan for family pictures. 

    We found an AMAZING BBQ place! It was recommended by a friend of a family in our ward. I was lucky and remembered the name when Jared and I wanted some good BBQ. This place was amazing! Jared had ribs and I had a delicious pulled pork sandwich. We are so excited to go again really soon. 

    This weekend my brother Ben is graduating from high school. So I requested the day off and so did Jared. We will be driving to Augusta, GA Friday morning to get there in time for his Court of Honor and for some needed family time. During that weekend we will have family photos and some fun things that I will most likely blog about when we get back. 

    I am almost done with school! Took my Humanities 202 final and am just waiting for a paper to be graded so I can get my official passing grade. My internship stuff has been mailed in and they will change my grade before the deadline on Friday. Woo! Now I'm just studying for Accounting so I can hopefully take my final Thursday. 

    The flowers Jared bought me a month ago to hang outside look awesome! They just look great with the pink petals. The rain has been doing them good the past few days and there are some spots of sun every now and then. 

    There are also some birds who like the flowers too! I've seen a couple where one bird will be inside the flowers and another bird will perch around the edge. Or a bird will spend a few seconds resting on the flowers before flying off again. It's just so cute and makes me so happy. 

    After weeks of being irritated by the pest control guys and our apartment complex office, I went out and bought my own pest control spray/stuff. And I feel confident that I sprayed every spot the bugs can come from. Might have gone a little overboard, but I had to claim my territory!

    Anyways, there's my little update! And that little running tally I was keeping about movies we watch for the other person. It's still a tie, but it's gone up to: Jared 5      Stephanie 5

    I watched Tremors and he watched I.Q. Well, he mostly slept through I.Q. but that's OK.