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Friday, September 28, 2012

Some News

    So it won't become official until the doctor says so, but I'm pretty sure Aubrey is teething. I've been going crazy the past little bit because Aubrey is not sleeping, she cries a bit more for no apparent reason and she hasn't really cared for nursing during the day. 

    But today, she finally calmed down while sucking on my thumb...HARD. It wasn't until she lifted her tongue that I felt her bottom gums. There was something sharp and I just thought she had something in her mouth. Once I got her calm and was singing to her, I checked her mouth for whatever it was that was sharp. 

    Upon a deep inspection, I found the sharp spot on her bottom gum where her teeth will start coming in! I played with her mouth for a little bit (she thought it was funny) and I've decided it's a tooth coming in. 

    Of course, being the new parent I am, I texted my Mom, texted my friend Rachel who has two older kids and a baby almost two weeks older than Aubrey, and looked on for more information. 

    Aubrey has the "symptoms" of teething (drooling more, chewing on EVERYTHING, irritability, not sleeping, and not caring much for nursing) and I might be fooling myself, but I think I can figure out where the tooth is coming in. 

    We have teething rings, beanie babies, cold wet rags (idea stolen from Rachel) and links for Aubrey to chew on. I gave her a tiny bit of pain reliever and I rubbed it on her gums. 

    Tonight I may play with her tiny toothbrush and see if that will help her a little bit. 

    We have a doctor's appointment in a couple weeks and hopefully by then Aubrey will be a little better. 

    I feel a little foolish for not noticing earlier. Jared and I thought she was just being cranky and high-maintenance. She IS high maintenance and demands attention, but now that I'm thinking she's teething, I kinda have idea how to help her!

    We'll wait for the final confirmation from the doctor in a couple weeks, but I'm pretty sure Aubrey is teething. Hooray!

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Aubrey's 4 Month Pictures

    We had some pictures taken of Aubrey when she was 4-months-old. We finally got the finished cd of them, so here are my favorites! They are a little late, but still so adorable!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Successful Apple Pie

    I've attempted to make apple pie a few times from scratch because I never wanted to buy a crust at the store. The pies I made over the past two years never turned out very well. Jared was nice and would eat parts of it, but it was near torture for him!

    During our grocery trip this past week, Jared saw a big bag of apples, so we got it to put in his lunches and for me to eat during the day. 

    Because of all the apples, I got the idea to try and make apple pie again! The only dilemma was I didn't have much flour to make a crust...

    But, don't worry! When we made homemade chicken pot pie, we learned we could use Bisquick for the crust if we mixed it in with the other stuff. It worked pretty great!

    I looked up a pie crust recipe online that would use Bisquick. We had everything for that recipe, so it was pretty easy making it. Jared helped core and peel the apples (he did most of it) so it was a great team effort!

Jared and his apples

My Bisquick and bottom pie crust

    After I got the bottom crust done, I started working on the top crust. Of course, every time I bake and try something different, I get upset because I don't do it the correct way. Poor Jared has to put up with me getting myself frustrated and threatening to give up. 

    Good news though! I kept on with the recipe I was pretty much committed to. At least it smelled good with the apples and cinnamon! :) The top crust wasn't perfect, but I didn't really care on perfect at that point. I just wanted the pie to turn out OK. 

    I put it in the oven and just hoped for the best. 

    I think it turned out pretty well, don't you!?

    We were so happy it turned out so well! The crust is delicious, the filling was yummy. The edges wren't burned and the pieces come out of the pan pretty easily!

Enjoying my slice of pie

This was last night...this morning the pie is half gone already

    So the pie was a success! I feel confident making it again so maybe I'll make it as a contribution to my family's Thanksgiving this year! Or I might attempt to make Jared's Grandma Call's apple crisp. That might be a little too risky though...

    And just for fun, here is a super cute picture of Aubrey :)

Gotta love the pink!!!