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Monday, July 20, 2015

Aubrey's super sad ER trip

I'm sure this was the first of several ER trips for us. Aubrey goes from zero to sixty speeds and doesn't always watch where she is going. On many occasions, she'll bump into a wall or trip over something on the floor.

But last Friday morning was different. Jared was in the bathroom and I was in the living room nursing Hannah. We were both busy at that moment. Aubrey likes to try to get into the bathroom while we are in it and we usually tell her to go to the other room. She'll say "oooh" and then run off at full speed. This happens at least once a day.

Only this time, when she ran off, she didn't think of her surroundings. I hear a thud and then Aubrey starts crying. Because she bumps herself all the time or cries because Jared won't let her in the bathroom, I didn't think much of it. I just called out and asked what had happened. She kept crying hysterically.

Luckily, Jared came out to see what was wrong and he noticed Aubrey was bleeding. So he rushed her to the kitchen to put her on the counter and dab her wound with paper towels.

As they rushed by, I just thought it was a bloody nose. And then I saw where the blood was coming from. I quickly laid Hannah on the floor and went to help. When I saw the gash on her forehead, I knew she'd need stitches and we'd have to go to the ER. My first aid kit is pretty basic...

Jared stays with Aubrey while I run around. I change my pajama pants to jeans, grab clothes and spare panties for Aubrey (she was just in her panties that morning). I put Hannah in her carseat and hopped in back. Jared knew where the ER was, so he drove while I sat in back and tried to hold Aubrey's gash closed.

Found the emergency entrance. Jared got out to carry Aubrey inside while Hannah and I went to park the car. I luckily got inside quick enough to know what room Jared and Aubrey went to.

Aubrey did NOT appreciate all the nurses and people trying to help her. She doesn't like doctors or strangers as it is. Then add in the strange place, pain and confusion. She wouldn't let the nurse take her vitals or anything. All she wanted to do was go home. She'd say "I want to go back to the car!"

She was freaking out, Hannah was calm and didn't make much noises. Jared tried to help Aubrey while I answered insurance questions. Aubrey just cried and cried so hard that she threw up. It was mostly stomach acid, but we were waiting for it to happen. She made a few gagging noises before that and in lots cases, a big bump to the head results in vomiting.

Poor Aubrey kept asking for her clothes because she was naked. So we got her in a shirt and the shorts I brought. Silly me forgot her shoes.

The only thing to calm Aubrey down was for the nurses to leave and putting a show on the TV. When Curious George ended, I pulled it up on Netflix on my phone. The nurse came back and talked mostly about the show and finally got Aubrey to warm up to her a little. Every now and then we would count all the people in the room. 11 people (including Jared, Hannah and me) total. So many!

The doctor came in and told us our 2 options. Either we hold her down and stitch her up with a little pain reliever in her forehead. (Ha, as if that was a real option for Aubrey). Or we have her sedated. He explained the risks to us, but we quickly realized it was the only option. And at least with being sedated, she wouldn't remember being stitched up.

We finally got Aubrey's vitals and they got ready to give her the sedative. It was administered by a shot in her thigh. She didn't appreciate that. So she cried and cried. But slowly her crying died down and she let everyone lay her down on the bed. They warned us that her eyes would be open the whole time. That part didn't bother me.

What got to me was just seeing Aubrey on the bed, sedated, still hiccuping from crying so hard. Jared left the room for a little bit and took Hannah outside. I stayed nearby to hold Aubrey's hand.

They put the 3 stitches in pretty quick. Her vitals were still good and it was time for Aubrey to come back to consciousness. They said it would take a while. It was funny and so sad when Aubrey was coming back.

Every now and then she would let out a weird cry. A few times she tried to get up herself and just ended up falling over in bed. She even fell over a little bit into the bed railing. And her mouth must have felt funny because she kept doing this funny thing with her tongue. She kept sticking it out, licking her upper lip and then slowly slide her mouth back in. Everything else was typical, except that funny tongue thing.

She would notice things and would talk to me about them. Like the thing on her finger that monitored her pulse or whatever. There was a red light and it lit up her whole finger. So Aubrey saw it and said that her finger was red. She needed a band-aid. And she said it clearly enough that we buzzed for the nurse who came and took all the monitor stuff off her chest, tummy and finger. And we got her a band-aid for her finger!

Aubrey still really wanted to go home. Then a nurse had a great idea for us to give Aubrey rides in a wagon as she continued to come out of sedation. They laid blankets down and had a pillow help prop her up. She was pretty happy. Jared pulled her up and down the hallway.

He said that she greeted everyone with a wave and hello. When I was saying goodbye as she rode away, it was so cute that she kept looking back at waving bye-bye to me. Her smile is weird from the drug!

At last it was time to go home. Aubrey was able to drink and keep juice in her tummy. She even asked for a popsicle. She could take a few steps without falling, though she was still a little shaky and unbalanced.

We went home and knew it would be a pampering day for Aubrey. We were warned by nurses that she might be super tired or famished all day. Aubrey didn't seem to be either of those. It was time for her nap anyhow, so we don't think she was any more tired than usual. And her appetite wasn't increased or anything.

She is much happier now. She is good about not touching the stitches and she likes wearing fun band-aids on her head. She still doesn't want us touching it, but we only do it twice a day to put some neosporin on it.

We love her very much. We'll go back in a week and have the stitches taken out. That will be a whole other adventure, because the only real option is to hold her down while they remove the stitches. Oh man...Peter Pan!

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Roadtripping with the girls!

We drove out to Utah this summer for a family reunion. This was our first major roadtrip! We've taken Aubrey down to Tennessee once and that was considered a half trip. Only spent part of a day in the car. Other trips we go out to Ohio. That's hardly a roadtrip, especially if we can get her to take a nap during the couple hours drive.

But driving to Utah. What an experience! Good and bad, as expected.

Aubrey was FANTASTIC! She had her DVD player playing Sofia the First videos I checked out from the library. I had books by her. Plenty of snacks and drinks. Hannah was the one having a rough time. She did NOT appreciate being stuck in a carseat all day! It felt like every time she was awake, she was screaming!

We left Saturday afternoon. Jared drove during the day and I took over during the night. We stopped every couple hours so I could nurse Hannah and Aubrey could run around, get some energy out.

Nightime was rough. Aubrey couldn't get comfortable. Hannah was still upset from being in the carseat. But eventually, both girls slept and I made good progress. Jared was able to rest a little bit. But I hit my driving wall at about 4am. I hadn't slept well the night before and I was running out of juice!

Luckily, Jared was great and was able to take over until the morning. I could rest my eyes a little bit and we took turns driving the rest of the way.

Nebraska is such a LONG state to drive through. And for miles and miles, there were no stops! Nothing for gas or food, except a Pizza Hut. But it was breakfast time and we wanted food! Aubrey was ready to get out and we all needed a break. Nothing for miles!

Finally, we found an exit with something!!

We stopped for breakfast at a McDonalds. Aubrey has a weirdness about foods. So we brought her own bowl, cereal and milk. She loved it and Jared and I had a quick breakfast too.

We ran into a rough part just outside Park City. Oh my goodness. It was STRESSFUL!!

Our poor car isn't used to driving in the mountains and we made the mistake of trying to drive the speed limit. We stopped at a McDonalds for a quick lunch. Holy cow, it was hot! I was in the backseat, trying to keep Hannah happy the last hour of driving. I had Jared blast the air conditioning at the lowest temperature to help me cool off in the back.

Big mistake!

We overworked our car! And of course it happened on a construction strip of the road. So here we are, an hour away from our destination, Hannah is ready to get out, Aubrey is getting antsy and our car stalls out! Cars are lining up behind us because there wasn't much room to pass! Luckily I could pull the car over to the side and people passed. We tried the car again and it stalled out again.

Jared called his Mom and told her what happened. I tried to call roadside assistance. But Hannah was crying and my reception was bad in the mountains. Jared's brother, Brandon, was ready to be the hero and come pick the girls up while Jared stayed behind with the car.

But I didn't want to sit around in the heat. I tried the car one more time and just took things really slow. I waited til most of the cars were passed and we said lots of prayers. Jared's family was praying. We were praying. Even had Aubrey say a prayer, because I believe kids' prayers have special power.

We were blessed and finally made it to grandma's house. Got there in time for dinner. Aubrey loved seeing everyone. Hannah LOVED being out of the carseat.

I got some really cute pictures though!

 Breakfast at McDonalds

 Selfie in the backseat!

A rare happy Hannah moment.

The trip back was so much better. 

We left in the morning when Hannah was struggling to stay awake. Aubrey was set up with more movies and snacks. Jared drove first because I was planning on driving through the night again. 

Hannah was so much better. I think she had finally gotten used to the idea of being in the car. We drove alot all over Utah to different things, so it just became a part of life for her. 

We'd stop for food and gas. But we could do longer stretches at a time because Hannah would actually sleep! When she'd wake up, Jared or I (whoever wasn't driving) would hop back and play with her. When she got fussy/hungry then we'd look for an exit. 

Aubrey was still great. Nighttime wasn't easy again, but it was much better. Aubrey found a good way to sleep. Hannah put up a big fight, but once she was asleep, she was out. 

I had plenty of Dr Pepper and my Les Miserables CD playing to keep me awake. I made it til the sky's color started lightening up. I don't remember what time. Maybe 5. But I had been driving since 9, so I was ready to stop and take a break. Jared took over and let me rest for a little bit before breakfast. 

No car problems this time!! We made it home in the early afternoon. Both girls were exhuasted and took long naps. I even took a nap too!

We are NEVER doing another roadtrip like this! Unless all kids are old enough to watch movies or entertain themselves! Trips to Ohio are still good. But anything over 6 hours is out of the question!! 

But we survived and still came out a happy, loving family. 

Two more pictures of Hannah!

 She was a much happier baby for the drive home!

Got a little fussy, so we had her chew on some licorice!