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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

OCD Much?

    Ever since I had Aubrey, I have become more and more OCD about different things. I hear it's normal, but it's just getting a little annoying. And I'm not even sure if it's really me being OCD or just being paranoid!

    I'll list everything I do (or that I am aware of doing) and you can vote if I have OCD tendencies or not. 
  • It is impossible for me to sleep at night if I don't check on Aubrey right before I get in bed for the last time. She could be fast asleep for half an hour, but I toss and turn in bed and have to get up one last time to make sure she's OK. 
  • I was my hands after touching anything. If I can't wash my hands right away, I use hand sanitizer like there is no tomorrow. I don't even have to be getting ready to hold Aubrey, I just touch something a little dirty and I have to clean my hands. 
  • I have to have Aubrey's clothes a little organized. I separate her clothes by size and by function. I put her pajamas in one pile, her pants and other bottoms in another pile, her onesies in their own pile and dresses have their own pile. Right now the clothes are a mess in the drawers and I just get overwhelmed when I try and dress her in the morning.
  • Every week I try on my pre-pregnancy jeans, hoping they will fit this time. Pretty sure they won't fit until after a few months of Zumba, but for some reason I have to check every week to see if I can fit into another pair. 
  • I always have to have Aubrey on a blanket when I lay her on the ground or the couch or in her crib. It's not that she needs the extra padding, I just have to lay her on something. 
  • I check constantly. I read about things to help her grow, things she should be doing in the next few weeks and I get tips to help me control my stress. At least once a day I check the site and sometimes reread the same articles I read last week, just to make sure I didn't miss anything that might be helpful.
So those are the main things I do. 

What do ya'll think? Am I showing OCD tendencies or am I pretty much normal? Or is it normal to become a little OCD with a little baby?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer Pool Time

    We took Aubrey to the pool for the first time! Well, not totally the first time. We went a few weeks ago and Jared just put her foot in the water and she did NOT like that. 

    But Grandma Laura sent us a super cute swim suit and matching hat that we wanted to try out! :) And there is another young couple in the ward who invited us over to swim sometime so we have to get her used to pool water...and I wanted to see if she'd like the pool so Jared can take her and I can lay in the sun to get my legs tan again!

    She was so cute in her swim suit!

I think the blue suit and hat makes her eyes look even bluer

    Anyway, we played in the shade for a few minutes, taking some cute pictures like this one: 

    Aubrey had a great time in the pool too! Jared was super smart and just sat by the pool and splashed some water on her legs so she could get a little used to it being cold.

She just looked at the pool for the first little bit, not sure what it was

    After a few minutes of Jared putting the water on her legs, it was time to get in! She did so great! Just let her feet go in first and didn't complain! Then Jared put her in to her knees and she was still good! I was very impressed when she let him get the water up to her little booty. 

    She is just the cutest little baby ever! So good in the water and had a fun time outside. We took her out when she got a little fussy from the sun in her eyes and that's when she got a little mad. She got a little cold when we took her out of the water and decided that was a good time to start crying. 

     So our first Summer pool trip was a success! We are totally going back soon and will play again in the water, seeing how far she'll let us put her in. Maybe she'll be a swimmer like her Mommy was in high school! :) 

    If not, she'll just look way cute in her swim suit!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


    I want to take this time and be a dork by expressing how grateful I am for so many things!

    I've decided to just make a list so I don't make this a huge blog post

    What I am grateful for: 
  • A wonderful husband who supports me in everything I/we do. I am so happy he loves me and wants to be with me forever and ever
  • Our super great daughter who gets cuter and cuter every day! She makes me laugh and I am so thankful to be her mother. I love her so much
  • My parents and everything they have taught me over the years. I love my family and I can use them as a building block for what I want mine to be like. 
  • I am so thankful for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this gospel and the spirit that I have in my heart and home and family.
  • Grateful for all the wonderful members in my ward. They have been so welcoming and I have made some great friends in just a few short months of being here.
  • Attending/visiting temples has become a huge desire in my life so I am thankful for a temple to be so close. We are about 20 minutes away from the Atlanta Temple and were about the same distance from the Nashville Temple when we lived there. I love how many temples there are and I am so excited to continue seeing the numbers grow.
  • The scriptures. It is so wonderful having immediate access to my scriptures and the truths that are in them. With my extra time and motivation to fulfill my calling (Sunday School Worker teaching the 14-15 year olds) I am excited to spend some of my days reading and studying the scriptures and how they can pertain to me. And it's perfect we are studying the Book of Mormon because I/we can always learn more from the book that was created and translated for me/us.
  • The jobs Jared and I have. I am thankful Jared likes his job and the people he works with. Work isn't always the easiest thing in the world, but he sticks with it and enjoys it overall. 
  • Technology. What a great world to live in where I can text or call my Mom whenever I want! I can Skype with my Dad and brothers and talk to everyone, even though we are away! I love my family (gave them a shout out earlier) and I would be so upset if I couldn't talk to them as much.

    I live such a great life and I have so many more things to be thankful for! I just wanted to post the top things I am grateful for. We blessed Aubrey at church June 3 and Jared and I shared some of our testimonies. While speaking in general is not an issue for me, sharing my testimony is hard for me. I keep it personal and close to my heart, so sharing it makes me self conscious.  

    Hopefully by sharing what I am thankful for on a regular basis, I will become more comfortable sharing my testimony more than once every few years.  

    I am also very thankful that you read my blog. I don't share anything important or talk about interesting things, but I appreciate you keeping an interest in my life!