Stories from the lives of Jared, Stephanie, Aubrey, Hannah and Dani Or, Jare-phanie-brey-nah-ni

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Finding Dory

We had a deal with Aubrey that if she was good and worked on "turning her frown right side up to a smile," she could see Finding Dory.

This week, she was very good and earned a trip to the movie theater! It was a daddy-daughter date. I didn't think Hannah would enjoy the movie, or have the capability of sitting mostly through it. So Hannah and I dropped Aubrey and Jared off at the theater. I took Hannah to the mall.

Aubrey really liked the movie! She was so excited for popcorn, and a drink and the awesome seats!

Overall success! Jared said she had to make a few bathroom and snack breaks. But all in all, she loved the movie and she's getting so much better at getting over bad moods. 

The Glo Run

I joined a group of friends from church and signed up to run/walk the Glo Run 5K.

It was so fun! My legs hate me and are just so tired, but I'm glad I did it!

The couple I went with are competitive and in better shape than I am. They definitely pushed me harder than I would have on my own. MAN, I need to get myself in some sort of running shape!

It was 80s themed, and I embraced that, the best way I could!

I got my ponytail on the top of my head and colorful eye-shadow. I looked "rad to the max!"

It was a night-time run. Jared and I put the girls to bed and I got ready to run! This is our group as we started the race. I couldn't keep up with the couple on the left. The ones to the right are the crazy kids that kept me motivated and moving!

Oh man. It was fun! But I was expecting more glowing stuff...especially considering how dark it got! And I would have appreciated more 80s music! :)

I think we averaged about 15-minute miles. And I was wanting to fall over! However, we ended the night with a smile!

I think I'm done with 5Ks for the year. Next year we'll most likely do the Color Run again with the girls. Maybe I'll do the Glo Run again! Hopefully my times will get better!!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Youth Missions

Our little family helped with the youth missions today!

It was their MTC day, so they had classes and learned about being missionaries. They split into 3 groups and went to classes.

I only know what Jared did. He taught the kids how to start a lesson after getting a foot in the door. Seeing me was supposed to be a follow-up visit.

The Summerhays did an amazing job making the nursery look like a home. They pulled in couches from the foyers, put a rug down, had a TV and DVD player all set up. And because we were in the nursery, we had access to all the toys, which helped entertain the girls!

They made it their home away from home....

Anywho, it was fun pretending to be an investigator! I had fun not knowing much about Mormons. The youth missionaries were good sports. I purposely had a movie playing for my girls each time, making the youth ask me to turn it off. 

And I embraced the awkward silences! If they lost their train of thoughts or didn't know where to start, I just sat there...looking at them...while Aubrey and Hannah played. Each "visit" was only a few minutes. 

I think it all went well though! My girls had fun. I hope the kids had fun. I enjoyed my time there. I was never meant to be a Sister Missionary, but I really enjoy helping those who have interest in it!

The youth is a great program. Maybe I'll start volunteering to help more. A couple hours out of a Saturday is OK. If anything, it was nice getting out of my house, even though I had to pretend the church was my new home!

Because we played in the nursery room, hopefully Hannah will like the room more!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Picking Strawberries

Our first year doing it! We wanted to pick strawberries last year, when I first heard about it, but June was a CRAZY month with lots going on.  We love going to Hilger's Family Farm for pumpkins and thought going for strawberries would be fun too!

But we decided to go last week and have the whole experience. Hannah is too young to care, but Aubrey had a good time. She mostly loved being outside and the wagon ride to the field. They both were good helpers.

We ate some as we went, just to make sure we liked the flavors of the areas we picked. Aubrey got bored after a few minutes. She either kept smooshing strawberries as she pulled them off, or they wouldn't come off at all. Running around was still an option, and that kept her occupied for a while! Picked a few flowers when the strawberries lost her interest.

Hannah had a great time. She'd eat the strawberries whole! Spit out the stem once she got all the good stuff. She was red and sticky by the end of it.

We didn't stay too long, but it was worth the experience. I didn't mind being able to get a few herbs for my windowsill! Now I can have fresh basil and oregano. Not to mention the awesome smell in my kitchen!

I snapped a "few" pictures of the girls being cute. I love them very much and am glad we got to have this experience at least once!

Wagon ride

Aubrey picking the strawberries

Hannah getting hungry

Got bored. Aubrey started to pick flowers while Hannah made her escape down the row

Our haul! Yummy

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Tincaps baseball!

It's way too much for me to try and catch up all that I missed the past year (almost). So I'm just going to start from today!

Tonight, we went to our first baseball game as a family! Really, our first baseball game since Jared and I got married! We've lived in Fort Wayne just over 3 years and haven't been to a game. It's pretty sad. Within the past year, Jared and I have also been to our first Mad Ants basketball game and also a Komets hockey game. Big year for sports!

The games start at 7. Which is pushing it a little for the girls, whose bedtimes are 8. However, with it staying so light out, we thought they'd like the game. And it was pretty fun! The girls were relatively good, considering they don'g appreciate sitting in one spot and Aubrey wasn't fully understanding the rules of the game. It was difficult to hear and some things just got lost in the commotion. I came prepared with tons of snacks, and not surprisingly, I had already gone through most of them by the 3rd inning.

We got some fun pictures though! And it was a good experience. Now we know that if we stay up later past bedtimes, that the girls need their naps! Aubrey has been neglecting her quiet times. She'd much rather stay up and play. That's been fine most days. Some days, she needs that nap though. I figure a nap every few days is pretty good. She's a good sleeper at night (we typically put her to bed at 8:15 and she isn't allowed out of her room until 7), but on days we play outside a lot, she's so exhausted she needs a nap.

Hannah has been refusing to sleep in her crib. We've gotten in the bad habit of her sleeping on me. I need to get better about it. Her naps have gotten so short. Half an hour tops. She might start going back to two short naps a day, because she isn't getting a good long one. She sleeps pretty well at night now though. Sleeps usually from 8:30-6:30. I wouldn't mind her sleeping a little later though! :) Jared gets up with the girls in the morning, because I am NOT a morning person!

Here are the pictures! (Hannah doesn't appreciate pictures with me. And her smile is more of a snarl...)

Big family CHEESE!

 Aubrey wanted to take an us-ie!

 Had to get one with the field behind us!

 Having a good time walking the bleachers.

 Another family photo!

Had to get her ticket in the picture. Proof!!