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Friday, December 13, 2013

Movies aren't the same

Ever since becoming a Mom and adjusting to the role, I have a completely different experience watching movies than I did before. 

I'm not saying things are better or worse now, just different. 

For example, Aubrey wants to watch movies all the time. Especially if they have animals and lots of songs. So pretty much, we watch Disney all day, every day. 

Which is fine! I enjoy most of the movies, even though I can complain about pretty much every one :) Jared gets annoyed (I think) when I always trash talk movies. But that's for another post when I want to play devil's advocate. 

We are watching Tarzan right now while waiting for Jared to come home. This movie never really got any sort of emotion from me before. 

But when the baby ape gets eaten by the leopard (or whatever that large cat it) I feel so sad for the Mom and Dad! And then hearing baby Tarzan crying makes my heart break!

Now I care SO MUCH when a baby is involved in a movie! People say you develop a stronger sense of empathy when you read a lot. But my empathy-side has grown so much having Aubrey!

Hearing her cry makes me want to do everything I can to help (unless it's been happening all day and she's just in a cranky mood). So when I hear anything like that in a movie, I feel so sad!

And I greatly dislike parts in movies where parents lose their child. How awful! I can't imagine how that is, and I'd rather not try.

I need to start watching movies that have nothing to do with children. Maybe I'll watch Gladiator when Aubrey is asleep and just skip the part about Maximus's family. Or I'll watch something a little more family friendly like Charade or To Catch A Thief. 

Now, my rant is over.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Christmas 2013

So I'm pretty much done with Christmas this year!

All of the shopping is done. I've wrapped and labeled everything for Jared. I won't bother wrapping Aubrey's stuff. She can do that in Utah. I've sent off my cousin's present and it's already there and wrapped. Hooray for Amazon Prime free trial!

We have Jared's parents' gift and his sibling's gift already sent to Utah.

What's left is mailing my parents' presents and wrapping up my brother and sister-in-law's presents to give to them when they pick us up from the airport in Salt Lake (Utah for people who aren't Mormons).

Our home is all decorated. We have a nice pine smell and I have everything I need to make a WHOLE BUNCH of decorated sugar cookies!

Most of our Christmas movies have been watched and we've eaten some Christmas oreos and I've pretty much eaten a bag of Christmas MnMs. 

It feels pretty good being done this early. Jared still has to wrap all my stuff, but that's easy to do. 

Hooray for Christmas!! I can sit back and actually enjoy everything now that I have the busy stuff finished!

 We even took a couple Christmas pictures!

Pictures are more fun when there is no pressure to take a good one :)

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

New Scar

I burned myself! How do I always seem to burn myself on the SIMPLEST of things!

Today, I was hungry for toast so I got the oven preheated. I've SUCCESSFULLY made toast in the oven for YEARS because we don't have a toaster.

I got one piece in and then all the details BLUR together. Aubrey started to come in to the kitchen. I moved quickly to put another bread piece in and close the door at the same time. I didn't move my right hand fast enough and I hit the TOP of the oven while the bar was still RED from heating the oven.

After realizing what I had done, I SHRIEKED, TOSSED the bread in the air, SLAMMED the oven door and RAN to the sink to get some cold water running. Luckily I tossed the bread far enough that Aubrey thought it was a game and chased the bread. That became her lunch while I stood by the sink.

Poor Jared. He has to put up with me ALWAYS burning myself. I can't iron his shirts because I burn myself every other time. Sometimes I don't think and I try to move a frying pan on the stove by PUSHING it really quickly. Half the time I get a quick burn, but it goes away quickly.

My hand was red and burning for QUITE a while after the incident. I had cold water running on it. Then I wrapped up a piece of ice in a wet wash cloth so the cold could cool the burn. Then I put some aloe on it which made it sting. FINALLY, at Aubrey's naptime, I put her down, took some ibprofen and just SLEPT the burning off. 

The redness has gone away leaving a little over an inch scar between two knuckles on my right hand. It still hurts when I spread my fingers to do thing, but it's getting better. 

Needless to say, JARED will be making dinner tonight. I'll keep my DISTANCE from the oven and stove for a few days.

Monday, December 2, 2013

What We Did In Ohio

The whole reason for the trip was for Thanksgiving, so of course we ate lots of food!

I stole these pictures from Aunt Misty, who put them on Facebook.

 The yummy food on the large table

All the good-looking delicious pies!

Aubrey was funny and after eating off my plate, just sat in the middle of the room! I would like people to notice that people OTHER than me and Jared are around her!

Jared and I took advantage of the free babysitters around and made a quick trip to the temple. We don't get to go all too often, so it was nice getting out!

The house was a little cold. It's an older house and is a little drafty. Aubrey was fine though. Found a way to keep herself warm on the couch while watching a movie.

There was also a really warm step by a vent where the warm air would come out. Aubrey quickly took claim of those stairs!

These are also the two steps she would walk up and down. Trying to keep the noise of the movie down, we closed the door. Otherwise, it'd be open and she'd be running up and down them!

We went out to eat one night with Aunt Sara, Uncle Mark and cousin John. It was at a Mexican place and the food was so good. No picture though. We were too busy eating or chasing after Aubrey to get a good picture!

Overall, we just mostly relaxed! We sat and talked with anyone who came over. Had no real plans and didn't care to make any. 

And of course we waited until the last day to get a picture of Aubrey with Grandpa Call. I knew waiting would just make it harder to get a good picture, but it's fine. We got a good one with Jared, Grandpa and Aubrey before she got too cranky.

It was such a fun trip. We got there Thursday a little before noon and left Sunday around noon. And after this successful vacation, I'm looking forward even more to our Christmas vacation in Utah!

Successful Trip!

I was totally expecting the worst this weekend when Aubrey was throwing fits and going crazy the beginning of the week. 

I told Jared Wednesday night that I did NOT want to even ATTEMPT the trip to Ohio. Said he could go and have a great time, but I HATED the thought of Aubrey being terrible AGAIN for a trip to Ohio. The past 2 trips were AWFUL because she would cry at everyone and was just upset constantly. 

But she did so well! Got a little cranky in the car after an hour, but Jared hopped back and held up the computer with a movie on it. Kept her happy the rest of the ride! 

Got to Jared's Grandparents' house just in time for Aubrey's nap. She took an AMAZING nap and woke up just in time for Thanksgiving dinner. I gave her the pacifier to help her feel secure. She sat in my lap the whole time and even ate off my plate! Her version of Thanksgiving was some turkey pieces, lots of fruit, broccoli with cheese, peas and corn!

Just absolutely amazing.

Her favorite thing to do was walk up and down the stairs from the breezeway to the kitchen. It's only 2 steps but she loved it! She'd run to the stairs, stop suddenly, carefully walk down and then run to the other side of the room. Then she'd repeat in reverse!

I'm just SO thankful that Aubrey was happy and cute. It REALLY makes the difference for Jared and me. There were times we could sit and talk with people and she'd just be running around entertaining herself!

It was wonderful being with family and catching up with everyone and having a REAL vacation! Jared and I got to sleep in. We didn't have any plans for most days we were out there!

I love my little girl and I think she is awesome (most of the time). It was so great having everyone else see what a cute and good girl she really is.

Monday, November 25, 2013

How I Waste My Day

It's the end of the day and I'm sitting back thinking over the day.

I feel like I'm busy ALL day with Aubrey, but I have NOTHING to show for it!

We're working on potty training. So FIRST thing this morning, we have some no-diaper time. I had her sit on her little potty getting her used to sitting on it. I believe potty training is a PROCESS and we're taking it slow. No rush.

Anyhow, she sat on her potty and watched Winnie the Pooh. When it ended, we put the diaper back on and then watched Tarzan. But when I say WATCHED, I mean, she RAN around making a mess and would stop to watch the TV every now and then.

She went down for a nap and I had a LITTLE downtime to work on my own project of putting ALL the pictures on the computer on to DVDs to help open up some free space.

Nap ended and she was up again, making her own little DISASTER area all over the apartment. We watched Tangled while I had her on the potty AGAIN (like I said, it's a slow process). Her diaper went back on after the movie and we watched some Phineas and Ferb. What a GREAT show!

I made Aubrey dinner of spaghetti-o's. It got ALL over her, which isn't any surprise. So in to the tub she went.

Jared went out and got some groceries for our holiday trip I posted about earlier (view post here ) and came home while I finished up the bath. Hooray he was home to help with Aubrey!

If I were to try and explain to people what I do all day, I would be LAUGHED at! They'd say "all you do is watch fun movies with your child, make quick meals and then pass Aubrey off to your husband." But that is SO not true!

Aubrey is usually very good and happy and so much fun. She's just full of energy and she's a constantly distracted baby. But when she's mad, she is MAD and turns into some other baby ENTIRELY!

What I do all day is control the BEAST!! 
  • We watch movies she loves so she can dance and we can have some fun together. 
  • I am CONSTANTLY putting away her toys and books so she doesn't hurt herself and she knows where to find them for future "use." 
  • I make meals to help her grow, but I'm limited to only a few things I know she will eat and I try and experiment with her snacks. Today I learned she likes chicken dipped in Heinz 57 steak sauce :)
  • I clean her and the floor up after her eating and I am ALWAYS trying to find all the cereal pieces that fall out of her little cup.
By the time Jared gets home, I've run out of most of my tricks to keep Aubrey good! Jared is so much better at playing with Aubrey and getting her to laugh. Aubrey and I watch the SAME movies every day. We read the SAME books. It's enough to drive some people crazy!

But I know my day is not a waste. Aubrey is happy in bed. She's growing, she's learning, and she's just so much fun. I love spending all day with her, even if she's running me ragged. It was my choice to be a stay-at-home mom and I am so glad I made that decision.

I suppose I should have titled this post "How I Enjoy My Day."

Family Excursions

We are getting ready for our trip to Ohio for Thanksgiving at Jared's grandparents' home.

I'm planning for the WORST possible scenario, hoping it will be better and I can be a happy mom.

But I'm not TOO optimistic. 

The last couple trips out there, Aubrey was NOT the happiest or the easiest. She was teething and going through a growth spurt and was SO shy, getting through the day was a struggle. 

We'll leave Thursday in the morning pretty soon after she wakes up. Poor baby will have to be in the car for 2 HOURS! Hopefully we'll get there before her nap so she can run around and get her energy under control.

Jared would like to stay for a few days and come back on Sunday. I'm TOTALLY fine with that. I just always feel REALLY bad when Aubrey isn't a happy guest. 

I started making the list of things to bring to make Aubrey comfortable while there. It's turning in to a huge list! She'll need clothes, change of clothes, pajamas, socks, her playpen, blankets, her toothbrush, and the list goes ON AND ON!!

Oh man, I hope I don't forget anything! It's Jared's family so he'll want to spend time with them. I get that. No problem. But if I'm the one taking charge of Aubrey, I want to make sure she has EVERYTHING to help her stay in a good mood! If it means I take over the room with the TV to watch Winnie the Pooh or Tangled, so be it!

But I'm REALLY really hoping she'll do well in the car, be good after getting used to everyone in Ohio, and be cute and happy and playful in the huge backyard.

The REAL goal this weekend though is to get a good picture of Aubrey with Jared's grandparents! The last attempt did not have a good ending :)

Friday, November 22, 2013

Lazy mornings

Aubrey and I have had a CRAZY past couple days, so today, it's just going to be LAZY!

Laundry is done, most of the cleaning is done. We're just hanging out in our PAJAMAS!

I had EVERY intention to go to exercise group this morning, but I've had a stuffy nose and it's IMPOSSIBLE for me to sleep with one.

I woke up tired and a little sore from moving around. 

Jared was really awesome and did ALL the grocery shopping last night, so I don't have to do that tonight either!

I'll END the lazy day by going to a little party a friend is putting on for other friends with birthdays in November. After being home ALL day, I should probably get out and be social!

And it's Jared's turn to put Aubrey to bed tonight, so I don't feel TOO bad for leaving him on his own tonight for just a half hour!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Laundry Days

Aubrey is HYSTERICAL when I need to do laundry! 

She's become my own personal helper when I load things in to the washing machine. She'll pull out socks and small things from the basket and NICELY put it in the machine. 

When it's time to switch to the dryer, she'll pull things out FOR me. And she LOVES when I lift her up to toss the dryer sheet in.

FOLDING is another matter, but even then, she's not TOO terrible. Just just likes to climb in the basket and get in the way. Sometimes she'll knock over piles, but that's easy to fix. 

Jared was SUPER sweet this morning and while I stayed in bed for an extra few minutes, he started a load. By the time Aubrey and I were home from dropping him off at work, the first wash load was DONE.

Today is a BIG laundry day. I'm doing whites, darks, towels and Aubrey's clothes. On good days I can SQUEEZE Aubrey's tiny clothes in to our load of whites. Not today. She has towels and blankets I need to wash. 

Maybe someday I'll add ironing to my list of tasks on laundry day. But I burn myself ALL THE TIME when I iron. So if Jared wants his shirts to look good, HE has to do it! Things like that take me a small notch below being a perfect wife.

Winnie the Pooh

Every morning, without fail, Aubrey wants to watch Winnie the Pooh. She'll stand in front of the TV and point saying "Pooh?"

It was cute the first week. Now it's been about 3 weeks of watching Winnie the Pooh EVERY DAY! Or practically every day. We don't watch it on Sunday too often, thank goodness.

I have almost every song MEMORIZED, which I suppose is good for when we're in the car and she gets fussy. 

Aubrey will just STARE at the screen and thinks this is the best movie ever. 

But I really shouldn't complain. I put the movie on and I can do SO MANY things like clean and get ready for the day without having her want my full attention. 

In fact, I'm even typing this post WHILE she's watching the movie sitting on her princess chair!

Sometimes when I'm feeling ADVENTUROUS I'll sit her on her potty while watching. So I'm getting her comfortable sitting on it and she sits still for quite a bit of time. This MAY be the time to give potty training a big push!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Testing a new style

I am a TERRIBLE blogger nowadays. I used to be pretty good when I first started. I had a lot more time and it was lots of fun. 

But since having Aubrey and her turning into a toddler, I am VERY limited in how much time I get for myself. 

Thank goodness for NAPS!!

So I'm going to try a new style out of just doing little journal pieces. I figure I can spend a couple minutes every weekday and say something about my life currently. 

Here it goes!

Sometimes, it is just impossible having one car. Other people look forward to having a house and a yard and things like that. But I just want another car! Nothing brand new or crazy amazing. I just want something SIMPLE that will get me from A to B. In fact, Jared can get the newer car and I can keep Froderick just for me. 


Having 2 cars will cut back on Aubrey's time in the carseat. And when SHE'S happy, I'M happy. Today we drove to drop Jared off at work and then back home. Then a little bit later, we were back in the car going to the chiropractor's office and then back home. THEN we were in the car to drop a pie off for Jared's WORK party at noon. We're going to have to GO BACK out to pick Jared up. That's just too much driving and TRYING to take care of Aubrey in the car. 

Sure, one trip was bad planning on my part. I SHOULD have made the pie the night BEFORE and just had Jared take it in when we dropped him off. My bad.

But still! The day when we have two cars will be GLORIOUS! Just having the OPTION of going out will make things a little easier. And then the main thing I'd have to worry about is planning things around Aubrey's schedule. But that's for another day. 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Halloween 2013 pictures

     We love going to pumpkin patches and last year was so fun with Aubrey. She was still pretty little and couldn't sit upright, but we all had a great time.

    We found a pumpkin patch this year that was similar to the one in Nashville. It was more of a farm-type place that had a hay ride and mazes for kids of all sizes and even a pony!

     Because Aubrey had been sick for a little bit, we decided to wait til the last Saturday to go. And we are so glad we went!

     It was such a fun place and Aubrey was so cute! 

Aubrey went through the little maze made with hay.

When she got to the end, she just climbed over the wall, rather than climb under the tube thing she was supposed to.

She even went through the bigger kid made and would pose at the entrance. :)

We all went through the corn maze and got a little family picture.

Aubrey found her pumpkin! She loved sitting with it and carrying it around.

First ride in a plow!

The pony was there for rides and to also just sit on. Aubrey was so good and sat on the pony and would pet it nicely.

She climbed up on the pumpkin throne and loved giving us a cheesy, happy smile!

Aubrey didn't care about the hay ride but she loved sitting on Daddy's lap and having him tickle her.

Got another little family photo while on the ride!

Happy Halloween everyone!!

     On Monday, our family activity was decorating the pumpkins we found!

 We just had Aubrey color hers.

 She LOVED tasting the pumpkin goopy-ness!!

Our family pumpkins. Jared did the Batman signal. Aubrey colored a face. I did a haunted house scene with a witch.

     For the actual holiday day, we were pretty boring. Jared and I made treats for his work the night before. And we watched Young Frankenstein while decorating snickerdoodles.

      We did have a super cute costume for Aubrey though! Her Nana got it for her and it was awesome!

     She just wore it to the ward trunk-or-treat party on Saturday and around the apartment on Halloween. Such a sweet little strawberry!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aubrey at 18 months

     So I've been slacking on blogging. I figured the easiest way to get back into it, is to talk about Aubrey!

(This is her "who, me?" face)

     She turned 18 months on Oct 15 and sometimes I can't believe how big she's gotten! But then I think back and realize, oh...she really HAS been growing the past year. She is no longer my sweet little baby who likes to cuddle and couldn't move around the floor. Then Aubrey figured out how to roll. Then crawl. Then stand up and walk. She went to no teeth and now somehow she has 12! And working on more!!

     Here is the recap of the past little bit: 

     Aubrey is a pro at walking. Once she decided she wanted to do it, she has been awesome. She's even figuring out how to pick up more speed by running and she's comfortable with her balance that is is hopping! Sometimes she doesn't hop that well, but when she's in a good mood, she is able to get both feet off the ground and successfully land on them again :)

     It's nursery time! She's gone in a few days and things have been going pretty well. Not amazing and it's still a little rough some days, but she's getting better and we're working on things here at home. Aubrey is so great at sharing and she doesn't know how to fight yet, so when kids take her toys, she just finds something else!

     We're going through a "no solid food" phase. Really not fun. But on good days she'll eat things like yogurt, toast, pb&j sandwiches, ravioli, pretzels, carrot sticks, apple slices, green beans, peas and bagels. One time she ate some chicken parmesan, which was amazing!

     Potty training is a fun experiment right now. She likes to sit on it with her clothes on, but hasn't gotten used to it yet without her diaper on. But she knows what I mean when I say "go sit on your potty!" And she knows it's in the bathroom because she plays with it all the time. 

     Being outside is one of her most favorite things! Now that the weather has changed and it's cooler, I don't like having the door open as much. On good days she likes to play out there and pick up the leaves and rocks and things. When I feel well and up for it, we sometimes go to the little duck pond behind us and she'll run in the grass. Jared showed her how to throw rocks in the water. She'll go and find rocks and try to throw them in herself and nearly fall in the water or she'll hand them to me to throw :)

     The zoo is now closed, but she LOVED going to the zoo every week! Being able to walk around and look at animals was great. Walking through the kangaroo area was awesome and she loved playing with the goats. Maybe next year she'll learn some of the animal names and their sounds!

     Speaking of sounds she makes, she doesn't care about talking, but she is so smart! She'll make the right noises for elephants, lions, dogs, cats, owls, and snakes. Though she won't say Mom or Dad, she'll say hi when she puts a phone to her ear or when she's outside and pops her in for a second. 

     Aubrey is awesome at high fives and she recently learned how to fist bump. and she LOVES the reaction from Jared when she "pounds it" and she'll run between us to bump our fists!

     Kissing is so sweet! She gives kisses all the time and she knows that if she gives dad a kiss, she has to give mom one too. And vice versa! Sometimes when Jared and I hug, she wants to join. So we have three-way hugs and three-way kisses when Jared comes home from work!

    Her hair is looking more and more strawberry blonde. Not sure where she got that from! But her eyes are beautiful and green. She has an adorable smile when she feels like it! 

     We'll do body part lessons and she's figured out most of her body! She knows where her head, hair, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, tummy, fingers, thumbs, toes and knees are! She'll point to each body part (for her tongue she sticks it out!).

    We haven't taken her to nursery for a little bit. She got a cold so we didn't want to drop her off and get other kids sick. But the couple times she went, she did pretty well! 

    We had some little photo shoots!

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Going up a size

    Oh my goodness! Aubrey is just growing so fast and it makes me sad and excited at the same time!

    I went through a bin and couple boxes with Aubrey's old clothes to organize them in piles I like :)

    It was fine seeing her old 9-month outfits and even 6-9-month ones, but once we got down to my favorite 3-month ones, I started freaking out about how big Aubrey is now! And at the bottom of the bin was some newborn outfits. She used to be SO TINY! And now she is wearing 18-month clothes!!!

    But she is so stinkin cute in everything she wears so I think I'll be ok. 

    I even organized her things by accessories, burp clothes, headbands and gender neutral outfits. If we decide to have another and it turns out to be a boy, I'll already have a few little outfits for him to wear. But that's a long way into the future. 

    I guess sometimes I just can't believe how big Aubrey is. She's now walking and making silly noises and she understands so many things! Aubrey used to be so little and couldn't even more around. Now she's going everywhere!!!

    I love my little girl!

Walking around church, strutting in her 18-month dress! She's all business!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Potty Training and Bragging

    I got Aubrey a potty training seat! I know I'm jumping the gun a little bit and starting super early, but Aubrey is a smart girl. I think she'll pick up on it, she'll just be stubborn and refuse to do it. 

    The reason I am starting this so early is that she hates diapers. She hates being changed, she gets uncomfortable in them. So I'm thinking maybe she'll like doing it herself. Aubrey is getting very independent now that she walks. 

    I'll put little updates up every now and then. She's still going to wear a diaper during the night, but during the day she'll be in pull-ups. 

    If anything, this will be a fun project and experiment!

    So here is the bragging. Aubrey is just so smart! I play games with her all day and she loves pointing to things and making an inquisitive sound that sums up "what or who is that?" with just one syllable. 

    We've been trying to teach her body parts like nose, eyes, ears and all that. I play with her toes and do lots of little hand games like pat-a-cake or the itsy-bitsy-spider. She never repeats what I do and half the time she points to my nose instead of her own. 

    But yesterday, I was on the floor and thought I would review what we've learned the past few weeks. I would say the body part and she'd point to what it was! She pointed to her nose, ears, eyes, mouth and teeth! She wriggled her toes and her fingers! Jared got home and she patted her own head!

    She refuses to say words, but she totally understands when I say "find Eeyore!" or "find your milk." She'll go to her room when I say it's time to change her diaper. 

    At night, we say prayers, brush her teeth, read her a book and put her in the crib. Jared got her to fold her arms so when we say "say your prayers," she'll totally fold her arms and sometimes kneel on the ground with Jared. Love it! Then she'll immediately run down the hallway to the bathroom to brush her teeth. Then she goes to sit on the bench to read!

    Aubrey can be a handful, but she is awesome! Now the games will include colors and we'll start working on pieces of clothing. 

Monday, August 5, 2013

Official Car Name

    We've had this car for the past few months, and we named it a few days after getting it. 

    The name we decided on was Froderick. For those who watch Young Frankenstein every Halloween like we do will understand that. 

    Every time I see our car in the parking lot, I always think "FRODERICK!"And I laugh to myself. 

    A little bit ago, Jared finally got our car registered here in Indiana and we got our license the other day. The license plate solidified our car's name. 

    FRODERICK THE PIRATE! That's the official name. The letters on the plate read ARG. So it was destined that Froderick is supposed to be a pirate.

    And we absolutely love it! What a fun name! Our last car was David Bob Dixon. No car can replace him, but Froderick is a fun second car. 

    We love coming up with fun names for things!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

Aubrey at 15-16 months

    Aubrey is such a nutcase!

    Because she is so tiny, I forget sometimes that she is so full of personality!

    She refuses to drink while sitting up. That's partly our fault, but she's comfortable with how she does it. When Aubrey first started drinking on her own, we loved it and took full advantage of it. We'd lay her on the floor and she'd hold it up and drank.

    But now that we're trying to get her to drink from sippy cups and everything, she won't sit up! All she wants to do is lay on her back. I've tried sitting her up and holding her in place. I've propped her up on the couch. I've held her arms up to show how to drink the cups. But she just refuses! I've just resigned to the fact she'll eventually decide to do it one day. Like walking.

    For months, she never showed ANY interest in walking! She would hold on to things and cruise around furniture, but if ever we held on to her hands and tried to help her walk, she would pull her legs up. Wouldn't even stand for more than a few seconds at a time without holding on to something.

    It wasn't until a couple weeks ago that she decided she wanted to walk. Now, she is walking like a pro and walks a whole lot more than crawling. Sure, she'll still drop to her knees, but she knows she is faster walking so she pops back up!

    I just don't know what to do with her and her stubbornness! I'm sure potty training will take forever. I'll show her everything and help her figure it out, but until she wants to be out of diapers, she'll fight!

    She's so fun though! Aubrey loves reading. She'll bring me books all throughout the day. And I always have to drop what I'm doing to read or she'll get mad and throw the book at me.

    Aubrey has an AMAZING throwing arm! We have a couple balls we let her play with and she can throw them all a pretty good distance for a 15-month-old. She can throw a golf ball, bouncy ball, plushy ball and a tennis ball! We like to play catch during the day. She'll sit on one end of the room and I'll be at the other. We just throw the ball to each other (really, I roll it in between her legs and she picks it up to throw) and it's so fun!

    We love going outside and playing on the grass. Aubrey will just roam everywhere and pick everything up. She also loves going in the pool and walking around the pool. I get a pretty good tan while she plays in the water. It's a win-win! And then she wears herself out and is ready for nap or bedtime, depending when we go to the pool. 

    Well, that's all that I have for today. This post was mostly for Sabra who is a wonderful and devoted reader :) 

    Love you Sabra!

Sunday, June 2, 2013


    So recently I've made a couple treats. 

    A few weeks ago, I made a cherry pie. Nothing amazing. Same old Bisquick crust and I just got a cherry pie filling. Can't go wrong with that. Here are the yummy pictures though!

    What I am most proud of is the key lime pie I made! Jared really wanted it, and I love baking, so I decided to try an easy recipe I found online. 

    It turned out amazing!!!

Jared was so happy with the pie! And it was quite delicious!

    I'm going to keep my recipe secret unless you ask me for it :) I made the graham cracker crust and everything! One day, if I ever get a juice press or something, I'll juice the limes myself, but I cheated this time and just used a bottle :)

    I absolutely love baking and in a couple weeks, I'm going to try a simple cheesecake!

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save Turtles!

    It is my new dream to rescue a turtle. 

    I hear all this mumbo jumbo about rescuing dogs and cats from places. That's nice and all. It's sad to have animals in bad places. But where do those animals go? To another shelter or out on the streets? And then more of those animals reproduce and there are a whole bunch of dogs and cats that need homes, but end up on the streets. 

    My main question, what about the other animals! What about the fish that are bred mainly for eating!? Or what about the fish who are kept in little ponds for people to fish and then eventually eat!? What about poor little turtles who live in polluted water!?

    Everyone else can save dogs and cats. I'll go save the turtles!

    Turtles are probably one of the best pests. They can be kept in a container as large or small as you like. You pick what toys they play with and can take them out only if you want to. You don't have to clean their shells or anything. They don't leave hair everywhere or lick themselves in weird places. 

    Turtles rock!!

    Aubrey is puppy enough for me. I don't need another barking animal crawling around making a mess. I'd rather rescue a turtle because it is more my speed (haha)

    If the turtle I rescue is angry and not a people person, it won't bite or scratch me! I can stick it in its little home and have it not bother me. 

    Another great reason to rescue turtles is that they don't need any training. Just clean their home every now and then, feed them and they are taken care of! 

    To sum up, turtles are amazing because they are easy to keep, easy to clean up after, don't bark, don't require much attention, don't bite or scratch and don't need potty training or any training!

    One day, I will rescue a turtle.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day was pretty great. Jared was awesome and Aubrey was so great!

    I got a present early and it has some sentimental value. Jared got me a Mississippi pearl snowball necklace! A few years ago I got one from my parents when I was leaving Mississippi to start school at BYU in Provo, UT. When I was in the hospital having Aubrey, some people broke in to our apartment and stole the necklace (among other things). Jared knew how much I loved it so he found one like it and got it for me! He was so excited, he gave it to me early :)

    Because Mother's Day is on Sunday, we made plans to do thing Saturday. Jared took care of Aubrey in the morning so I could sleep in. They went to the store and got things for my special Sunday dinner he would be making. Later in the day, he said he heard of a great cookie place that was famous for their frosted sugar cookies. I love frosted sugar cookies, so after Aubrey's morning nap, we headed out for the cookies. 

    Jared had the address and punched it in. But when we got to our destination, it wasn't the cookie place. He went in to ask directions while I waited out in the car with Aubrey. A few minutes later, he came out and said that they don't have the cookies, but they have a massage waiting for me! The place he went in to ask for directions was a spa and he had called ahead to set up an appointment for a 1-hr massage for me! Jared is so wonderful. 

    The massage was amazing and when I got in the car, the famous cookies were waiting for me! The cookie place does exist and Jared got the cookies for me. 

    While he was out and trying to waste time while I was massaged, he went in to Hobby Lobby and saw they were having some great sales on home decor stuff. Our home needs a little decor so he told me about the sale when I was done. 

    What a great sale! We love little plaques and we found some good ones. We also needed some hooks for our bags so that was cool. The plaques say "Family," "As far as everyone knows, we are a nice normal family," and "I kiss better than I cook."

    Jared and I gave talks on Sunday and they went pretty well. We took turns holding Aubrey while the other one spoke. Totally worked out. During church, I got a flower and a piece of chocolate because the men couldn't decide which to get :)

    For dinner, Jared made chicken mozzarella with ham and sauteed grape tomatoes. So yummy! 

    Overall, it was a great Mother's Day weekend. Aubrey had a few cranky moments, but we all got through it and still came out happy :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Went To The Zoo!

    We've heard so many great things about the children's zoo here in Fort Wayne. 

    And people were right! The zoo totally rocks! We went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. There are so many fun animals and exhibits! We didn't even see all of them!

    Jared and I got the family pass, so we can go as many times we want this summer! It'll be great! We can go on Saturdays when the weather is nice. The zoo closes at 5, so some days I can get the car to run errands after Aubrey and I play at the zoo for a little bit :) It's only 15 minutes away!

    We now have a cute little umbrella stroller for Aubrey so we don't have to lug around the giant stroller we already have. We're also on the third level of the apartment, so having a lighter stroller will rock when Aubrey and I want to go on afternoon walks.

    Anyhow, we took some fun pictures at the zoo. Bought Aubrey a super cute hat and sunglasses to help her not get sunburned. She's adorable! And when she paid attention to the animals (about half the time) she just stared very intently. And of course we have the one picture where we look like terrible parents making our baby cry for our own joy. But we do it with love and she'll appreciate it one day!

 Playing in the stroller we rented (this was before we got the awesome umbrella stroller)

 Posing with Daddy in her new hat and sunglasses

 Looking at some animal

 Daddy holding Aubrey up to see the animals better

 Aubrey didn't appreciate being put in the kangaroo pouch :) Funny thing is, another young family did the same thing to their baby!

Aubrey and I posing outside the zoo entrance!

New job, new apartment, new adventures

    Great news! Jared's new job is so awesome!

    He is now an Account Executive at Catalyst Marketing Design! His bio can be found online here!

    The people he works with are so nice. It's a small office so everyone works closely together and it's a tight-knit team. The account he'll mostly be working on is Tyson chicken. I'm totally cool with that, because when they have events and there is left-over chicken, he can bring it home and I don't have to cook dinner!

    So Catalyst is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I can definitely say we never thought we would be moving to a place like Fort Wayne, let alone Indiana. But it has been a wonderful move! 

    Jared was doing some training a few weeks ago and instead of being apart for a few days, I decided to go with him (and bring Aubrey of course). He was able to learn about his new position from the person who was leaving, so that was awesome. Aubrey and I began the hunt for an apartment. 

    I pretty much knew what apartment I wanted because I had spoken to several people about one place. When Jared accepted the job offer, I started looking at apartments online and I got totally overwhelmed. Luckily, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is world-wide and full of amazing people!

    I called the Bishop over the area we were considering moving to and left a message requesting help and information. He called me back and suggested a place several members of the church live in. He also gave my number to one of his counselors. He called me and told me about the same place. He gave me a number of a family living at the place. Everyone said great things about Canterbury Green Apartments!

    The first place Aubrey and I went to visit was Canterbury, obviously. I loved it! Everything look really nice and the complex has tons of fun things to do and see. 

    After the first place, I had pretty much decided I wanted to be there. But I thought I should still check out a few places I found online that got good reviews. Oh. My. Heck. I went to one place and I was too scared to get out to even go in the leasing office!

    Another place wasn't as bad, but it was smaller and more expensive than the apartment I already liked. 

    Well, I picked Jared up from work and we ran over to the apartment I liked so he could see it and help me make the final decision. He totally liked the apartment I wanted so we got the papers all signed and everything! It was so great!

    As I said in another post, we moved on the 15th and got to Fort Wayne to greet our moving party! Another shout out to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We had what seemed like 10 people waiting to help us unload the truck. It was amazing!

    That week, I went through all the boxes and bins and got most everything figured out and organized. Jared helped a ton too on the weekend when he was off work. 

    I really like this apartment! We're still working on decorating and getting things the way we want, but we're happy! Mostly, I'm happy, which is what really matters since I'm the one in it all day :)

    Once it's done, I can put a few pictures up! And our view out our patio will be really nice when the tree gets its leaves again.