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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Head Start

    So we have wrapped presents under the tree and Aubrey is getting a head start on them. If we aren't paying attention, she'll go for a present and start tearing or grabbing at it. 

    To entertain her, we give her paper and things to tear and ball up. She now thinks that any paper on the floor is hers and she wants it :)

    But it is so funny when we wrapped our presents. I had to wrap the presents I got on the bed while she played on the floor. She would have jumped at the scissors and paper!

    We are so excited for our first Christmas together! We're going to put the presents we got each other under the tree on Christmas Eve and we are doing to do some fun things for food. 

    Christmas Eve will be snacks and appetizers, Christmas morning will be a yummy breakfast and Christmas dinner will be ham and other dinner-type things. 

    We've been going through most of our Christmas movies, either our own or on YouTube. We are a big fan of YouTube these days because they have movies we don't. Every now and then we find a movie on Netflix, but that doesn't happen all that often. 

    But here is a little Christmas happiness! Merry Christmas everyone!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Santa Claus!

    We went to see Santa Claus last night! And it was so funny!

    It's a classic Christmas photo to see babies sitting in Santa's lap crying. I have a few pictures like that and they are pretty funny. 

    A friend suggested the Santa inside Menchies at The Avenue on Upper Roswell. She said he was just inside the door and we could take our own pictures (rather than waiting in a huge line to see Santa at the mall and having to pay for a photo). 

    I anticipated Aubrey staring at Santa for a few seconds before crying. I know my daughter pretty well!

    This is how the trip went:

She looked at Santa, suspiciously...

Still hadn't decided how she felt about Santa yet...

She decided she felt like crying :)

    There was more looking back at Santa and crying, but these 3 photos capture the experience :)

She tolerated Santa when I held her next to him

    Of course, after we left Santa she was all cute in her stroller! Overall, I thought it was a great trip! I owe a huge Thank You to the friend who suggested this Santa to me! 

    Santa gave Aubrey a little candy cane. Within the hour she had broken it and somehow got through the plastic to suck on the actual candy. I guess she's ok with peppermint because she would have kept sucking on the candy if I hadn't taken it from her. 

Friday, December 14, 2012


    Well, I finally did it. I put it off for a long time because I am selfish and don't want to change. 

    I finally synced up my iPod with the iTunes on our computer. 

    Probably not what everyone was thinking, I know :) My iPod is special to me! I have all my songs and playlists and music videos. Some of them didn't exactly belong to me (I might have taken some songs from friend's iTunes). 

    When our hard drive crashed, we lost a lot of our songs and our movies. We had digital copies of Batman and Inception and X-Men that have all been lost. Don't worry though, my Office Season 1 and Big Bang Theory episodes survived!

    Now I know though that whenever we get a digital copy of movies and put them on our iTunes, I'll immediately put them on my iPod. 

    Of course, now that I am syncing my iPod, I realize I don't really have a lot of stuff on it. I have my playlist for when I go walking and another playlists for when I'm not in the happiest moods. 

    I should probably make more playlists and I need to somehow find more songs. I may nor may not download songs from youtube and download them to our computer. It helps me find songs I had once owned and either lost the CD or lost the music when switching computers and having hard drives crash. 

P.S. If anyone has any digital copies of movies they don't use or want, I'd be more than happy to use the codes!!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas!

    Right after Thanksgiving, Jared and I decorated our apartment with our Christmas things! We have the nutcrackers up and the tree and ornaments hanging on them. We have a little nativity set and just other little things around. 

    The best part though is taking our family Christmas photo! Last year, I was just pregnant with Aubrey, but now she is out and as cute as ever!

    So here is our family Christmas photo:

 I just love her straight face!

We gave her a candy cane to chew on so she would be good during our pictures :)

    She's been really good, considering there is a tree in our living room that she can easily pull over on top of herself! She played with the tree a few times, but it's a plastic tree, so the branches hurt her fingers and she's left it alone. But, the plastic didn't deter her away from the ornaments and candy cane!

(Does everyone else notice the ornament with Jesus looking down on her? Tee hee!)

    Whenever Aubrey is fussing, I bust out singing all the Christmas songs I can think of (or that I know most of the words to). Jared doesn't find my alterations to the songs very funny when I forget the words. But he can sing them his way, and I'll sing them mine!

It's a little early, but Merry Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

She Used To Be So Little!

    I find myself thinking "she used to be so little" when Aubrey does the funniest, cutest, most terrifying things. She's growing up and I just can't believe it!

    She will be 8-months-old on Dec 15 and I am in denial she will be 8 months. I look back at pictures of when she was just a couple days old, then a couple weeks, then a couple months. Back when she could fit on the couch and lay there with me, or she would play on her back with her toys, or sit peacefully in her bouncy/vibrating chair.

    Now, she is rolling all over, smiles with her bottom two teeth, crawls all over the place, pulling herself up on anything. She won't sit still and she loves making loud noises. She says the sound "da" a lot, which makes Jared happy because she'll most likely say "dada" first in reference to him. Which is fine, I suppose. Jared and I have a deal that if she says "da-da" first, recognizing it's him, her first sentence will be "Mama is awesome!"

    We had to get a play pen for her. She started climbing up on her Bumbo seat and on the couch and on our coffee table legs, and practically anything. For the first few days, she obviously fell...a lot. Poor Aubrey was getting bumps and bruises and scratches from her falling. But we found her a nice cage and she's been happy and getting better about keeping her balance. Every now and then she'll get super excited and fall, but we put some soft blankets and she has some padding for when she falls. We plan to hang a sign above the play pen saying "Don't feed the monkey," or "Beware of biting!"

    Oh, paper is not allowed on the floor anymore. She'll drool on, tear and eat paper. We have a few magazines and Sunday paper ads that prove she is destructive!

    Jared and I (mostly I) went through her dresser and closet today to pack away clothes Aubrey has outgrown. It made me so sad looking at all the outfits she can no longer wear! She is out of 3 months (obviously) but can still fit in 3-6 months, depending on the brand and the type of outfit. 

    Anyhow, it was so sad putting away some of her outfits! We remembered how cute she was wearing them, or some of them were too summery and wouldn't work well in the winter. She had a few sleeveless, loose dresses she couldn't wear until it was starting to get cold anyhow. 

    But now, it's time for cute pants and socks and jackets and long sleeve onesies and footy pajamas!

    I'm going to try super hard to keep actively blogging! I realized the other day it had been a month since my last blog post. I totally missed Thanksgiving. Sorry everyone!