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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Save Turtles!

    It is my new dream to rescue a turtle. 

    I hear all this mumbo jumbo about rescuing dogs and cats from places. That's nice and all. It's sad to have animals in bad places. But where do those animals go? To another shelter or out on the streets? And then more of those animals reproduce and there are a whole bunch of dogs and cats that need homes, but end up on the streets. 

    My main question, what about the other animals! What about the fish that are bred mainly for eating!? Or what about the fish who are kept in little ponds for people to fish and then eventually eat!? What about poor little turtles who live in polluted water!?

    Everyone else can save dogs and cats. I'll go save the turtles!

    Turtles are probably one of the best pests. They can be kept in a container as large or small as you like. You pick what toys they play with and can take them out only if you want to. You don't have to clean their shells or anything. They don't leave hair everywhere or lick themselves in weird places. 

    Turtles rock!!

    Aubrey is puppy enough for me. I don't need another barking animal crawling around making a mess. I'd rather rescue a turtle because it is more my speed (haha)

    If the turtle I rescue is angry and not a people person, it won't bite or scratch me! I can stick it in its little home and have it not bother me. 

    Another great reason to rescue turtles is that they don't need any training. Just clean their home every now and then, feed them and they are taken care of! 

    To sum up, turtles are amazing because they are easy to keep, easy to clean up after, don't bark, don't require much attention, don't bite or scratch and don't need potty training or any training!

    One day, I will rescue a turtle.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Mother's Day

    This Mother's Day was pretty great. Jared was awesome and Aubrey was so great!

    I got a present early and it has some sentimental value. Jared got me a Mississippi pearl snowball necklace! A few years ago I got one from my parents when I was leaving Mississippi to start school at BYU in Provo, UT. When I was in the hospital having Aubrey, some people broke in to our apartment and stole the necklace (among other things). Jared knew how much I loved it so he found one like it and got it for me! He was so excited, he gave it to me early :)

    Because Mother's Day is on Sunday, we made plans to do thing Saturday. Jared took care of Aubrey in the morning so I could sleep in. They went to the store and got things for my special Sunday dinner he would be making. Later in the day, he said he heard of a great cookie place that was famous for their frosted sugar cookies. I love frosted sugar cookies, so after Aubrey's morning nap, we headed out for the cookies. 

    Jared had the address and punched it in. But when we got to our destination, it wasn't the cookie place. He went in to ask directions while I waited out in the car with Aubrey. A few minutes later, he came out and said that they don't have the cookies, but they have a massage waiting for me! The place he went in to ask for directions was a spa and he had called ahead to set up an appointment for a 1-hr massage for me! Jared is so wonderful. 

    The massage was amazing and when I got in the car, the famous cookies were waiting for me! The cookie place does exist and Jared got the cookies for me. 

    While he was out and trying to waste time while I was massaged, he went in to Hobby Lobby and saw they were having some great sales on home decor stuff. Our home needs a little decor so he told me about the sale when I was done. 

    What a great sale! We love little plaques and we found some good ones. We also needed some hooks for our bags so that was cool. The plaques say "Family," "As far as everyone knows, we are a nice normal family," and "I kiss better than I cook."

    Jared and I gave talks on Sunday and they went pretty well. We took turns holding Aubrey while the other one spoke. Totally worked out. During church, I got a flower and a piece of chocolate because the men couldn't decide which to get :)

    For dinner, Jared made chicken mozzarella with ham and sauteed grape tomatoes. So yummy! 

    Overall, it was a great Mother's Day weekend. Aubrey had a few cranky moments, but we all got through it and still came out happy :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Went To The Zoo!

    We've heard so many great things about the children's zoo here in Fort Wayne. 

    And people were right! The zoo totally rocks! We went to the Fort Wayne Children's Zoo. There are so many fun animals and exhibits! We didn't even see all of them!

    Jared and I got the family pass, so we can go as many times we want this summer! It'll be great! We can go on Saturdays when the weather is nice. The zoo closes at 5, so some days I can get the car to run errands after Aubrey and I play at the zoo for a little bit :) It's only 15 minutes away!

    We now have a cute little umbrella stroller for Aubrey so we don't have to lug around the giant stroller we already have. We're also on the third level of the apartment, so having a lighter stroller will rock when Aubrey and I want to go on afternoon walks.

    Anyhow, we took some fun pictures at the zoo. Bought Aubrey a super cute hat and sunglasses to help her not get sunburned. She's adorable! And when she paid attention to the animals (about half the time) she just stared very intently. And of course we have the one picture where we look like terrible parents making our baby cry for our own joy. But we do it with love and she'll appreciate it one day!

 Playing in the stroller we rented (this was before we got the awesome umbrella stroller)

 Posing with Daddy in her new hat and sunglasses

 Looking at some animal

 Daddy holding Aubrey up to see the animals better

 Aubrey didn't appreciate being put in the kangaroo pouch :) Funny thing is, another young family did the same thing to their baby!

Aubrey and I posing outside the zoo entrance!

New job, new apartment, new adventures

    Great news! Jared's new job is so awesome!

    He is now an Account Executive at Catalyst Marketing Design! His bio can be found online here!

    The people he works with are so nice. It's a small office so everyone works closely together and it's a tight-knit team. The account he'll mostly be working on is Tyson chicken. I'm totally cool with that, because when they have events and there is left-over chicken, he can bring it home and I don't have to cook dinner!

    So Catalyst is in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I can definitely say we never thought we would be moving to a place like Fort Wayne, let alone Indiana. But it has been a wonderful move! 

    Jared was doing some training a few weeks ago and instead of being apart for a few days, I decided to go with him (and bring Aubrey of course). He was able to learn about his new position from the person who was leaving, so that was awesome. Aubrey and I began the hunt for an apartment. 

    I pretty much knew what apartment I wanted because I had spoken to several people about one place. When Jared accepted the job offer, I started looking at apartments online and I got totally overwhelmed. Luckily, I am a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which is world-wide and full of amazing people!

    I called the Bishop over the area we were considering moving to and left a message requesting help and information. He called me back and suggested a place several members of the church live in. He also gave my number to one of his counselors. He called me and told me about the same place. He gave me a number of a family living at the place. Everyone said great things about Canterbury Green Apartments!

    The first place Aubrey and I went to visit was Canterbury, obviously. I loved it! Everything look really nice and the complex has tons of fun things to do and see. 

    After the first place, I had pretty much decided I wanted to be there. But I thought I should still check out a few places I found online that got good reviews. Oh. My. Heck. I went to one place and I was too scared to get out to even go in the leasing office!

    Another place wasn't as bad, but it was smaller and more expensive than the apartment I already liked. 

    Well, I picked Jared up from work and we ran over to the apartment I liked so he could see it and help me make the final decision. He totally liked the apartment I wanted so we got the papers all signed and everything! It was so great!

    As I said in another post, we moved on the 15th and got to Fort Wayne to greet our moving party! Another shout out to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints! We had what seemed like 10 people waiting to help us unload the truck. It was amazing!

    That week, I went through all the boxes and bins and got most everything figured out and organized. Jared helped a ton too on the weekend when he was off work. 

    I really like this apartment! We're still working on decorating and getting things the way we want, but we're happy! Mostly, I'm happy, which is what really matters since I'm the one in it all day :)

    Once it's done, I can put a few pictures up! And our view out our patio will be really nice when the tree gets its leaves again. 

Aubrey's 12-month Check-up

    We had Aubrey's birthday party on the 14th, rather than the actual birth day on the 15th because it was a busy day. 

    I scheduled her appointment on the 15th in the morning and after it we were moving to our new home!

    This just adds on to how I'm a terrible person for having my baby cry at her own party. On her actual birthday she would get shots and be stuck in a moving truck for 4 hours. Not much fun for a new 1-year-old...

    She was so good though, considering it was a new doctor seeing her. Aubrey had a great time playing on the table before the doc came in. 

    Such a goof. 

    Jared got to hold her while the doctor examined her, but she still was upset some stranger was touching her. It was SO sad when she had to get 2 shots and then we found out she needed to get her finger pricked. Poor baby!

    It was her birthday and she got two shots from a stranger. By the time she finally calmed down, we were in another room waiting to get her finger pricked!

    She calmed down again and we got ready for the move. 

    Aubrey was so great in the truck!

Sitting like a big girl before we put her in the carseat

Loved being up with us so she could play next to us

    We made our trip safely and in pretty good time. Jared drove half and I drove the other half. It was pretty great! Aubrey was so wonderful considering the morning we put her through!

Aubrey's First Birthday Party

    I just want to start off by saying, don't judge me and think I am a terrible mother!

    With that said, I will share Aubrey's First Birthday story. 

    I will have a whole post devoted to this, but Jared received and accepted a job offer in Fort Wayne, IN. They wanted him to start pretty soon and we decided to move as soon as we could, which was April 15, 2013 (Aubrey's first birthday). 

    We decided to have the party on Sunday, the day before our move. We were at Jared's parents so it was fun having a full house and people to share the experience. 

    I made Aubrey a pretty cute cake. We think purple is her favorite color (we want it to be her favorite color) so Jared found purple frosting to go over the chocolate cake (chocolate is the only way to go in my family). I felt pretty proud of the cake, but not proud enough to be selfish and not give it to Aubrey.

Her cake! One 9-inch cake for her, the other for the rest of the family to share.

    After church, Jared put up the decorations he found. We stripped Aubrey down to just a diaper and a bib (easier to throw her in the tub after the mess) and put her in the booster seat. Everyone sang Happy Birthday to her and we gently put the cake in front of her. 

    Poor baby totally freaked out! She was so overwhelmed and didn't like everyone staring at her! Just bursted into tears! Don't worry, I have it all on video!! We knew it was coming, just like how we knew she would cry on Santa's lap for Christmas. Yes, I felt terrible she was crying, but it's just a classic moment!

What a sad, crying face!

    To help her calm down, we had presents next. She liked hitting them and biting them and trying to rip them open. Every now and then she would cry a little because everyone was watching. Who would have thought that an only child wouldn't want all the attention!?

    After presents, we tried the cake one more time. We put a few toys on the cake that she just got as presents to help her like the cake. Second time around was much better! 

    She started out slow, but once she decided she liked the frosting, she just dove in. Got cake everywhere! On her face, in her eyelashes, in her hair and even in her ear!

 Going for the sprinkles

 Got a few test bites

 Not sure what to do with frosting between her fingers

 Licking the frosting off

Sucking the frosting off fingers

The cake after Aubrey

    Jared quickly rinsed her off in the sink and we tossed her in the tub to play. 

    It was a pretty great first birthday, if I do say so myself! Next year may be more fun with her opening presents and eating more of her cake, but I'm glad we had this first birthday of her crying!

Friday, May 3, 2013

So behind

    I am totally behind on blogging. 

    With our moving all around and having new adventures, I've been so busy and stretched thin that I haven't had any desire to blog. 

    What you've missed out on: 

    -Moving to Chicago for a few weeks (longer than a few)
    -Aubrey's first birthday
    -Jared's new job
    -The apartment hunt
    -Moving to our new home
    -Our apartment rocks!

    Now that things have settled down and Aubrey has a schedule again, I have time to catch up on our lives :)