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Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Recap of the Last 2 Years!

    So Monday, July 23 is Jared and my 2-year anniversary! We've had so much fun the past two years and it's only getting better :)

    I remember advice I got when we were engaged and we totally proved it wrong, at least in my mind we have. People would say the first year is the honeymoon year where things are just fun as you learn about your partner. The second year is where the hard stuff comes in, because that's usually when the stress of jobs and bills and all that pile up. 

    But I've think we've done pretty well! We survived being "homeless" the first few months of marriage while looking for internships. It was so nice having family that would let us stay with them :) After finally getting internships in Chicago, we stayed there for a few months until Jared got his first job in Nashville, TN!

    Even though we'd been married about 5 months by the time we got to Nashville, it felt like we were newlyweds again and starting all over. It was a great year in Nashville. We made some great friends and so many great memories. 

    We survived another move to Atlanta while I was 5 months pregnant, which was pretty amazing. Since being here, we've already made some life-long friends and we've had a beautiful baby! 

    Sure, we get stressed with work and trying to figure out how to raise our baby and common, every day irritants, but we know we love each other and we can work things out. 

    I've put a few pictures up, documenting our great marriage! I can't wait to see how it gets better!

Wedding day! First day of our married adventure! 

 Being silly in our hotel on our honeymoon in Mexico.

On a boat beginning our Outdoor Adventure in Mexico!

On one of our many road trips traveling or moving :)

A walk in Chicago next to the Chicago River!

In front of that bean thing in Chicago.

Spent some time in Evans, GA with my family while trying to get internships in Atlanta. 

Went to Jared's grandparents in Ohio for our first Thanksgiving together!

Our first Christmas together! Well, this is us using our present a few days later. We went downtown Chicago to see Wicked! This is just us getting on the train.

In Nashville, TN in front of the bridge on the Natchez Trace.

 Our first anniversary in Nashville, TN! We decided to take some pictures at the temple :)

In Marietta, GA next to the Chattahoochee River.

Hooray being pregnant! That was an adventure all on its own.

What a cute baby girl! So happy we had her.

Daddy and Aubrey hanging out, loving each other.

Went to our first BYU Rugby game! Actually, it was our first Rugby game and it was AWESOME!!!

 What a fun little family!

    We've had such a great two years together! We'll see what this next year will bring :)

    Thank you everyone for your love and support! Our friends have been amazing and our family has been wonderful!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Our Fourth of July

    Yesterday was such a fun Fourth of July! It was the second year in a row we didn't do fireworks, but with a baby, it was the best one ever! We had a nice morning and afternoon together, taking super cute pictures and just relaxing. 

 Daddy and Aubrey

Mommy and Aubrey

 Her typical "outside" face

Flying high in the sky!

I put this picture on Facebook, but I love it so much, I'm posting it here too

    Later in the afternoon we went over to the Atkin home. It was great! Some young families in the ward all met up at the Atkins' new house and we had food and played and talked! 

    Of course it rained right as dinner was almost ready and we couldn't eat outside, like our original plan, but we had fun inside and the food was absolutely amazing!

    It was such a fun day and Aubrey was super cute! She was a little fussy and cried at the party, but that's because she's not used to so many kids and people talking :) She'll just have to get used to it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

On A Good Day

    On a good day, I can get lots of things done! Most days I'm just tired from not sleeping well, or I feel a little sick from the crazy weather and possibly some random new allergy. 

    But today was a day I had energy, felt well and I mustered up the motivation to clean the apartment!

    The other day, I cleaned our bathrooms (kinda). I at least cleaned the sinks and toilets, which is gross enough and I lost motivation to clean. 

    I've also made dinner the past few nights and that's been pretty crazy. I try to clean as I go, but of course, things start to pile up. Finally, I just put everything by the sink and cleaned off the stove, which was nice and it looks good enough to cook on again. 

    One night I got tired of the living room having stuff on the floor, so I vacuumed it really quickly while Jared watched Aubrey. 

    Most of what I do is in pieces and I do one piece a day. 

    Today though, I did tons! I did ALL the dishes, except one (gotta save something for Jared to do!). I even cleaned the sink and all the counters. Woohoo! But, instead of being done for the day, I decided to clean the dining room. 

    Poor Aubrey freaked out at first when I started the vacuum, but I put her in the sling with her facing out. Seeing the vacuum and watching me turn it on helped her not freak out. We had fun vacuuming and cleaning off the table. 

    That's not all! Aubrey and I went into her room and put away all her clothes and blankets that I had left in the laundry basket. Once it was cleaned out, I put the dirty stuff in the basket and found a box. Even though it was very sad for me, we packed away her newborn outfits because she's gotten so long and has put on a few pounds.

    And good news for everyone, I even found time to shower quickly, do my hair, do my make-up and even paint my toe nails red, white and blue!

    It's been a successful day and I feel I've deserved a reward :) I had a Dr. Pepper and that was pretty delicious. Aubrey is taking her late afternoon nap, so I've been enjoying Netflix, while we still have it. 

    We'll see what tomorrow holds! It's a holiday so I might refuse to do any housework, other than make yummy potato salad for the party at the Atkins' house!