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Monday, July 21, 2014

Stranger Danger, Disney-style

I finally pieced two vital elements of Disney's Beauty and the Beast together. 

I used to think it was a story of a young man who was turned into a beast because he was rude and inconsiderate. He had to be saved by learning to love and earn someone's love in return. The end.

While listening to the song Be Our Guest, I realized I had missed an important part of the story. 

"Ten years we've been rusting/ Needing so much more than dusting."

So they had been enchanted objects for 10 years. Ok. That's fine. The Beast should be mid-twenties to about 30. 

But no! The Beast had to learn to love and earn someone's love before the last rose petal fell in his 21st year. 

The Beast was only 21! If they had been enchanted for 10 years, he was 11 when the enchantress came and tricked him.

How unfair! What 11-year-old would know love and let some strange woman into his home!

STRANGER DANGER!! I wouldn't want Aubrey opening the door to some strange old person wanting to come inside and giving her a flower as payment! Even if the person was a beautiful enchantress, I wouldn't want Aubrey letting her inside!

The motives of the enchantress are questionable, at best. She went to the castle, knowing full well it was inhabited by a spoiled prince without supervision from his parents. Her scheme to deceive him was premeditated.

Now I see the story as a boy who was punished for doing the right thing. Sure, he could have gone about rejecting the enchantress a better way, but what boy do you know is polite and professional in the art of rejection?

And furthermore, the poor kid had to go through puberty as a beast! No wonder his room was such a mess!

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Catching up

So by now, most everyone knows I am pregnant. Jared put a silly photo on Facebook and most people got the clue. Here is the picture for anyone who missed it. 

The book is titled "Husband Coached Childbirth" written by the guy who started the Bradley Method of childbirth. 

Aubrey is doing really well. She's starting to say some words now, which is great! And I'm always around her, so I'm able to tell what word she is trying to say, even if it sounds like another one. For example, she says "bee" for the actual bug buzzing around. She also says "bee" for "baby." We're all about easy one syllables, and that's the one she chose to use!!

We've moved into our house! Hooray! I had a wonderful sister help clean the apartment so we are pretty much ready to be officially done with the apartment. Aubrey's room is an awesome purple. It's not finished yet, so I won't put pictures up. Our room is a work in progress, but it's not the priority. And there isn't much I can do with the nursery yet. We're waiting to find out the baby's gender so we can paint and such. 

Jared and I love our church callings. I teach the Valiant 11 Primary class. So I have the kids who are 11 turning 12. Jared is in Young Mens now. He teaches the deacons and is so excited to get back into Duty to God. Aubrey is great in nursery. She's always been happy to go. Sometimes I have to change her diaper halfway though and she doesn't understand she has to go back. But I have Sharing Time third hour, so I can walk around with her in the hallway or take her to primary with me. 

I think that pretty much catches us up on life. I'm sure I left stuff out, but I just can't remember what!