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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jared Spoils Me

    This is another post dedicated to how great my husband is. The past few days have been awesome!

    For the past week, I've made little comments about wanting Dairy Queen or how I like the pretty flowers at Wal-mart and that I LOVE milky ways. Ok, my love for milky ways is not really any kind of random thought, I love that candy and Jared has known it for almost the entire time we've been together.

    So on Thursday, he came home from work and on the way got me Dairy Queen, flowers, Dr Pepper cherry and milky ways! He's so great and it was an AWESOME surprise!

    Friday we went out to celebrate my interview at a PR place and also that I got full-time at the bank. It's a win-win either way! I can either work full-time at a place I really like, or I can work somewhere and actually do what I majored in!

    We went to The Cheesecake Factory and it was so delicious! We split the orange chicken dinner trying to make room for cheesecake (another of my favorite treats). We probably had more left over than what we ate between the two of us! But we still got the pineapple up-side-down cake cheesecake to go! :)

    Saturday Jared woke up super early, started the laundry and even went grocery shopping all before I got up for work. By the time I was ready to leave for work, the laundry was all done and I was able to fold a lot of it before leaving. At the store he bought a lot of goodies that I normally don't buy, but he wanted to splurge and I didn't complain! :) Now I can eat Cookie Crisps for breakfast and take little pudding things to work with my lunch!

    We still hadn't been to the temple this month, so Saturday was the day we'd planned to go. I got home, Jared made me a quick snack to eat in the car and we had a fun afternoon in the Nashville Temple! After the temple, we went and grabbed a quick bite to eat at Wendy's, which used to be a little tradition we'd do while dating.

    For our anniversary he got me a wedding band and had to guess my ring size. He was only off by a little bit, but we decided to go to the mall so he could get his sunglasses fixed and I could get my ring re-sized, which was nice. I'll get it in a few days and it'll be great!

    Later that afternoon, there was a surprise birthday party planned and we were invited! Hooray we can be social! We had a really good time with people in the ward at this fun barbecue place. I remember it being Judge Bean's Barbecue and Steakhouse. Anyhow, it was a fun night.

    Sunday morning, Jared made the muffins he bought at the store the morning before and it was yummy to have something different and warm for breakfast. They are cranberry and orange muffins (cranberry and orange in the same muffin! Not two different mixes!)

     I was planning on putting pictures on, but now that I've already typed everything and realized I still haven't taken pictures of stuff, I'll just leave it at this :) I hope everyone else has or will have husbands as great as mine!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Morning Conversation

    "I'm the cuddler in this relationship," said Jared this morning.
    "You're the cuddler only when you take up my space! When I try to cuddle with you, you move away," I replied. 
    "Well, I need my space," Jared said. 
    "So you can take up my space, but I can't take up any of yours?" I asked.
    "Exactly!" Jared exclaimed. 

    This short conversation was pretty funny for us this morning as we headed downtown so Jared could get to work. What brought it up is that I didn't sleep well last night because of our distinctly different sleeping styles. 

    My style: No air blowing on me, multiple blankets and I am on my own side of the bed. I have sweatpants, socks and a thick shirt on. If it is cold, I snuggle in closer to Jared to get his body heat. If air is blowing from the fan, I try to make a pillow wall or I try to use Jared as a shield. I'm a restless sleeper and if something isn't up to my standards, I don't sleep well.

    Jared's style: On top of the covers with a fan on/under a sheet when the AC is on. He sprawls out to reach the most comfortable position and sleeps like a rock most of the time.

    Problems with our differing styles: Usually I get some type of accidental injury. One night a long time ago I was karate chopped by Jared in his sleep (he really just rolled over and somehow his arm went flying over my mid-back to knock the air out of me). A few nights ago I was elbowed in the forehead when I was trying to snuggle on a "cold" night and he moved to switch positions. On several occasions I've woken up to find my space invaded by his legs or his whole body. That's when I try to push him over to no avail.

    There was one specific time he was sleeping diagonally. His head was normal on his pillow, but somehow his feet were pretty much hanging off my side of the bed. I'm not totally sure how that worked, but I was sleeping in a ball while he had control of 2/3rd the bed.

    Last night, Jared turned the fan on. We've been using the AC lately, so I had to get used to the air blowing and the buzzing sound of the fan again. It didn't work out so well. My pillow kept flopping over when I tried to make a wall, the blanket suffocated me when I covered my face from the air, it was useless. Finally, Jared moved to sleep on his side and I tried to use him a barricade. As soon as he felt me snuggle in, he moved to a flatter position, ruining my plan. 

    Eventually, I gave up, got my pillow and blanket and went out to the living room to sleep. I've taken many naps on this couch and thought it might be worth a shot to actually sleep on it. All in all, I only got a couple hours of sleep last night and decided I was going to drop Jared off at work and then take the car back home so I can sleep for a little bit before work in the afternoon. 

    I commented to Jared about how silly it would have been for us to get a King-Size bed when our bedroom is so little. Jared commented about how we'd be too far apart to cuddle. I said that's impossible because he always sleeps in the middle, no matter what. 

    He made a joke about always sleeping in the middle so he could cuddle with me. That's what initiated the conversation in the very beginning of the post. 

    It might take us all of eternity to figure out how to make our different styles work together in harmony!

Thursday, August 11, 2011


    I don't have much to say today, so I will rant about what happened late last night.    

    Last night at 11 P.M. Jared and I woke up to an irritating phone ringtone going off. This has never one ever calls after 9 and if they do, it had better be for something important!!

    I ran up out of bed to grab my phone and saw my caller ID: Unavailable. What the heck does that mean! Some one or some thing called me at 11 P.M. with a number I can't call back and didn't leave a message.

    Not bothering to stay up if they call again, I silenced my phone and went back to bed. Woke up and saw two more missed calls from this same Unavailable number. 

    Does anyone have any ideas on what it is? Is anyone else getting these ridiculous calls? I thought solicitors weren't able to call after 9 P.M. I have most everyone in my family in my phone, so if they called, their names would have come up...same with friends...

    I guess there are just some mysteries in life that won't be explained anytime soon. I can add these strange phone calls to my list and hopefully cross them off soon. Maybe if they call again, I can answer and see if it's just some crazy machine.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011


    Jared had some free time one day at work and looked up instructions on how to make origami things. He made some sort of box and was so proud. 

    One night, we were a little bored of watching Netflix so he got online and looked up instructions on how to make more oragami!

    Some of it was easy, I used to do it in elementary school and some of middle school. It was totally fun and kept us students entertained. Working on it as an adult was almost as much fun!

    The first things we made were frogs. Not too hard, I made them as a kid. They really jump!!
    After the frogs we made the box thing that Jared had made at work. It's the one where you can put water in it and drop it on someone like a water balloon. We tested it out just on the sidewalk was great!!

    Then we made silly little swans. Nothing too fancy, but you can see what they are :)

    We were feeling pretty good about ourselves and we have plenty of paper to spare. Jared found a site that had different levels. Having no idea what Level C meant, we decided to try to make a dinosaur...

    A close up of a dinosaur...

   As you can see, we just pretty much gave up after about step 5 of 30 million. Level C must mean Complicated or Craziness!

    But it was fun trying something new. Maybe we'll do it again and just stick to simple things :)