Stories from the lives of Jared, Stephanie, Aubrey, Hannah and Dani Or, Jare-phanie-brey-nah-ni

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Gotta Love Naps!

    I love that Aubrey takes a couple good naps during the day! She'll usually sleep for just an hour or so before waking up to play or eat, but every now and then she'll give me a long one that'll last about 3 hours.

    During her naps, I have so many options of things to do! I got the go ahead from my doctor to start working out again, which I may or may not take advantage of. 

    Today, I've gotten the laundry done, folded all of it and put most of it away. The other day I was able to vacuum the living room and hallway, which was great. 

    Jared's family is coming down for the weekend, so I'll be cleaning up the whole apartment today and tomorrow, so it's especially nice she'll sleep for that. If not though, she's sometimes content in her swing or bouncy chair. 

    Everyone says I should sleep while she sleeps, but sometimes that just doesn't work out so well. I keep seeing all these things I need to do, and I push back sleeping until the late afternoon. Jared has come home to me sleeping more than just a few times :)

    One of my new great friends also recommended some books for me to read, so if ever we go to the library, I can grab a few books to entertain me while she sleeps and I can't. 

    Well, I gotta get more stuff done while she sleeps! It's also nice that she has good naps, because now I can blog a little bit more! When we get our family pictures and Aubrey's baby pictures, I'll make sure to put our top 5 on the page so everyone can see how stinkin' adorable she is!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

I Lose Track of Time

     It seems like all I do during the day is feed and entertain Aubrey, change her diapers, try to sleep while she naps, feed her more and wait for Jared to get home from work. I lose all track of time during the day.

    Aubrey is a little over 6 weeks and we've worked out a small routine with a few variations. Mostly, we wake up around 6 or 7 for her first breakfast. If she's slept about 5 hours, this is when she's awake and super cute. I turn a couple lights on so she can learn it's day time, but after about an hour of playing after being burped and all that, she takes a little nap. I stick her in the bouncy/vibrating chair and let her move and kick and wiggle until she's content.

    After about an hour of napping, she'll wake up, somehow realizing it's been two hours since she last ate. I keep her up though and we play. If she gets cranky, I use the pacifier to help calm her down. This usually works for about half an hour before she gets hungry. 

    There is more playing and I will probably take some pictures around this time of the morning. She makes some of the cutest faces and she's working on smiling now! We practice talking and singing and dancing. 

    The brainwashing has begun as well. I sing her the BYU Cougar Fight song throughout the day and we have a little dance routine to it as well. When she's in a good mood, she'll "sing" with me and smile. If she's a little grumpy, she'll tolerate me moving her arms like a crazy person. 

    Another little nap is hopefully squeezed in somewhere here around 10:30. This nap is sometimes a little longer because she is still tired from the playing this morning. So I let her sleep until she's happy. 

    She wakes up hungry and I try to play with her for a little bit. It's not as easy in the afternoon to distract her from wanting to eat every 2 hours. She's been gaining weight regularly, says the doctor, so I don't need to feed her every couple hours and I can try to space out the feedings. 

    Anyhow, the same things happen over and over. She'll wake up from a nap and I'll feed her after playing a little. Then we'll play more before she takes another nap. I change her diaper before each feeding, but sometimes she has a crazy explosion during playtime or a nap. 

    We try to play on our tummies in the afternoon so Aubrey can learn to lift her head more and eventually crawl. She's great at moving her legs, so in a few months when she can lift her body up and move her arms, she might get the hang of it. 

    Jared gets home around 6:30 or 7 on a good day. Then he helps change her diapers and plays with her. He's been really great at staying up with me a few nights of the week. Aubrey gets upset at night when she's tired or over-stimulated. Most nights she'll keep me up til about 12-1 and will sleep pretty well after her last little meal. 

    She's a great baby and we are working on getting a schedule more in place. Every day changes though, depending on her mood and how much sleep we both get. Her jerky arm motions makes her punch herself in the face, which makes it difficult to fall asleep :)

Monday, May 7, 2012


    Aubrey is such a great baby! We celebrated 3 weeks with her last night and just love her to death!

    We had the two week check up this past week and she is doing so great! She was born weighing 7lbs 5oz. When we brought her home, she weight only 6lbs 11oz. At this visit, we found out she is 8lbs 9oz! So she is doing very well with gaining weight these first few weeks. 

    She also grew a couple inches :) She's about 22 inches now, which the doctor said is pretty long! I'm having to stretch some of her onesies to fit her body now! 

    But Aubrey isn't the only one having a difficult time fitting into some outfits. I'm having to go through my closet and find what few clothes I have that will fit me now. When I start exercising again, I should fit into a few more clothes, but right now I'm a little limited. My mom was so great and bought me some really comfortable clothes, so as long as I stay in the apartment, I can just wear my lounge pants and pajamas all day!

    Aubrey is also great at sleeping. When she's napping, she is totally asleep! I can move her, fidget with her arms, talk to her and she'll fight so hard to stay asleep. While she sleeps, I am able to clean a little bit and I can even take a shower! One day I did my hair as well and she was just fine. 

    It's fun figuring out all the things I can do with Aubrey here at home. I love to play with her, but when she's asleep, I have to entertain myself! 

    Netflix doesn't bother her, and I usually keep the volume kinda low. I also have an easier time reaching my feet, so I'm planning my own pedicure day, which will happen soon :)

    I am so excited to eat things I wasn't supposed to before, like hot dogs and sandwich meat! I feel like I have so many options of foods to eat!

    When I start getting my energy back and I get used to this awkward sleep schedule, I'm going to start exercising again. I can start small with walks with her, and while she sleeps, I can maybe do some sit-ups or something. I feel like I was in better shape when I was 9 months pregnant with all the walking I did!

    We love our life with Aubrey. In a few weeks, we hope to have tons of super cute pictures that I can post on here. I love taking pictures of her, but they are no where near being professional and I am not a good picture taker :)