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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Full-Time Fun!

    So I am now working full-time at Bank of America which has been great so far! It's nice having set hours and I can work about the same time Jared does! I started the day after Labor Day weekend, which was awesome by the way!

    Suz and two of her friends came down, Tyler and Sammie (Suz was one of my amazing roommates at BYU while living at the Colony Apartments). I have been DYING to see Suz for the past couple months, especially when she had planned to come out before and then couldn't. 

    But she finally made it down! They came down Friday night and we had a fun Saturday doing tons of stuff! We went mini-golfing in the late morning, went to Martin's Barbecue for lunch (which was delicious as always), played games at the apartment and visited the Grand Ole Opry before bar hopping! be honest, it's the Mormon version of bar hopping... :)

    We went to a couple bars to listen to music and laugh at all the drunk people! It took us a while to walk off our full bellies after eating dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe, but we somehow got it done! It was so funny to hear the girls exclaim at things like something hailing a cab off the street. 

    The great ending to the night was Suz and Sammie living a dream of going inside Coyote Ugly. Ladies got in free and they got to take a couple pictures inside the bar next.

    Sunday was relaxing after a good day at church. I made my Mom's lasagna for dinner, which was so yummy! I made it just the way Jared and I liked it, which happened to be good enough for the others!

    Monday we relaxed again. The weather was not on our side. They sadly had to pack their things up and head home before it was too late. 

    It was so fun having them visit! We can't wait for them to come back really soon! I was lame and didn't take many pictures, but they did, which is really all that matters in the end. 

    Now it's back to life, which is also fun, in a different way. :) Jared and I are having a great time down here in Nashville and would like to stay as long we can possibly can!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Today is Cleaning Day!

    I am so excited for my old roommate Suz and two of her friends to come down for the weekend!

    They will get here late Friday night and I have to have everything ready by then. Which means: 

    I have to pick up our bedroom, do the laundry, clean the kitchen, clean our living space, vacuum every place including the stairs, and clean the bathroom. Our apartment isn't exactly dirty, but it's not ready for visitors to come. 

    Tomorrow will officially be for grocery shopping and for laundry, but today all the cleaning should and will get done. Once again, I get a full day off work and I will use today productively. 

    Jared is so great at usually keeping things clean. He'll pick up most of his stuff, while my stuff pretty much covers the floors!

    But we are SO excited for them to come and it will be a fun weekend!