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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Great Thanksgiving!

    Jared and I had such a wonderful Thanksgiving. We got to go out to Ohio and spend it with his grandparents, parents, two of his siblings and the aunts and uncles and cousins who are already out there. 

    We got great news the morning before Thanksgiving! Found out we are going to have a baby GIRL! Oh my heck we are so excited and couldn't be happier! Then we hopped in the car and headed up to Ohio. 

    That night we met up with Suz (hooray!) and had a fun dinner with her and Sammie (her friend who came out to Nashville a bit ago). It was nice to catch up and we had a great time talking. 

    After dinner we made a quick trip to Target to get some cute baby outfits and also some Christmas gifts for the family members we'd be seeing the next day. 

    We got to his grandparents in great time and had so much fun chatting and hanging out.

    The next day was so fun when everyone got to the house and the feast began! Oh my goodness the food was SO DELICIOUS!!! And there was so much of it! I was good and just a little bit of everything at a time. Then when I finished the smaller portions I could get seconds and thirds of stuff I liked and not get too full! I had to make sure to save room for the pie!!

    Everyone was so full of dinner and his grandpa kept cracking me up asking me every hour if I was hungry the whole day. I guess it's obvious I just eat small snacks throughout the day. 

    A bit after dinner a few people were having to leave because they had to work for Black Friday. I guess for some people it was too early for pie, but gee whiz when I heard it was time for pie, I was up and at the table already picking out what pieces I wanted!

    Later most everyone said they didn't enjoy the pies as much as they wished because they were still too full from dinner. I had been waiting for these pies for months and they tasted great to me! I had plenty of room reserved for them. 

    We all stayed up late talking and having a fun time. The next day was just more relaxing and we found a few fun things to do. His grandpa took us on a little walk to a waterfall and we have some fun pictures!

    It was just a great vacation. We came back home Saturday evening and unpacked all the stuff we got. 

    I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving as well! And now that it's over, we're getting ready for Christmas!


 The waterfall...

 Jared and I on the waterfall walk. I always seem to cut off the top of his head in pictures...sorry dear

 Picture with his grandpa! We all wore blue that day

 Tiny waterfalls

More tiny waterfalls

 Jared sawing wood with his grandpa. So manly

Jared breaking the wood while his grandpa had the saw

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Big News This Week!

    Jared and I are so excited to be getting our big news this month! On Wednesday we are finding out if we are having a boy or girl! Most people already know this and have made their guesses. 

    Apparently most everyone thinks I will have a baby girl, which would be awesome. But if we have an awesome baby boy, only a select few will have the bragging rights of guessing correctly. 

    Really, it's all a 50/50 guess. We have absolutely no idea what we are having. I don't feel any intuition on whether it's a girl or not. And we're pretty sure it's healthy and growing well, so I just want to see it on the screen and watch it move! 

    I love feeling the baby kick. It feels like little pokes and hasn't hurt at all. I think it's a grouch when it wakes up because there are times I don't feel it move and then other times where it kicks and moves like crazy. 

    We're getting ready to spread the big news around family as well! We're going to Ohio for Thanksgiving with Jared's relatives/family out there. So after our doctor's appointment in the morning, we'll call our parents and text whoever we have in our phones and we'll start our drive to Ohio talking and being excited the whole time!

    So we'll do our best to keep everyone up-to-date about the baby and what it is. We're so excited to know so that way we can call it by the name we have picked out for it and we can start buying cute baby girl/boy things!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Great Georgia Weekend

    With my day off work for Veterans' Day, Jared and I decided to make a trip out to see my parents and brother James out in Augusta, GA!

    It was so fun and such a nice weekend. We took our time getting ready in the morning, the weather was great for driving, we stopped at a Mexican place Dad recommended (which was absolutely scrumptious), had some more nice driving, and got here in time for a nice dinner with the family. 

    Saturday was for errands, relaxing, going to lunch and then having fun at a Canasta party/competition. James left for some football game, but my parents have friends here who like to play Canasta, the card game. They have different rules, but there are some couples who were hysterical!

    Another couple brought their 8-week old baby and it was so cute! And because we were the odd couple out, Jared and I got to play with him!! :)

   It was great practice :) And I think we did pretty well! I got the baby asleep after some fussy moments. Jared held him while he slept and kept him all snuggled perfectly in the blanket. 

    Anyways, it was super fun! We had to leave Sunday to make it back for work on Monday.

   To repeat myself, it was such a fun weekend! I like seeing my family and it was awesome just to relax for a little bit. 

    I love my family!

    Oh! And there are only two more weeks to guess if we are having a boy or girl. I finally figured out how to let anyone post on my blog, so for those who couldn't before, it should work now...Let me know if it doesn't!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Already November

    I can't believe it's already almost the end of the year! It feels like just a little bit ago Jared and I were moving here, celebrating our first year of marriage and making plans for a family. 

    We had a great Halloween (even though I worked during the day, couldn't dress up for work and felt a little sick). Our pumpkins were super cute and we had awesome decorations all over the house.

    All our candy was put in a big bowl and we put on some classic movies to watch.

    Only sad part was that no trick-or-treaters came...but that's OK. We got to watch Charlie Brown's Halloween movie and also the animated Disney version of Legend of Sleepy Hollow. Up side to no trick-or-treaters is that I get the left over candy :) 

    People are starting to guess what we are having, which was great! We're excited to find out in the next few weeks so we can start calling the alien by the name we have picked for it!

    Today we went for a walk around the agricultural center again. Jared found a fun path the other week when walking around and talking to his Mom while I worked on a Saturday. He took me on the path this afternoon and it was SO BEAUTIFUL! 

    I absolutely love the trees changing colors! The lighter colored leaves are my favorite, but all of it looks good. It's also fun to crunch the leaves beneath our feet and hearing a satisfying CRUNCH :)

    We love this weather, we love Nashville, we love our new friends here. Hooray for November even though it came pretty quickly.