Stories from the lives of Jared, Stephanie, Aubrey, Hannah and Dani Or, Jare-phanie-brey-nah-ni

Friday, April 20, 2012

Aubrey's First Check Up

    We are all doing well! My Mom is here helping out and still deciding what she wants Aubrey to call her. I think we've decided on Nana, but no one is sure yet. We've gotten the hang of nursing, after working out a few positions and her preferences. She is pretty good about eating every 2-3 hours. Sometimes her naps go about 4, but that's OK. She'll wake up happy enough and ready to eat. 

    Even though she sleeps most of the day, she's starting to spend more time awake, which is awesome! I love being able to play with her and see what silly faces she makes. My favorite face of hers is her little surprised look. 

    I'll put up some more pictures as time goes on. I'm bad at taking pictures, I just love staring at her! And she has the bad habit of closing her eyes as soon as we get a camera close, even with the flash off!

    She had her first doctor's appointment and she did so well! She only cried when she had to strip down and just be in her diaper in a cold office. But she is almost back to her birth weight, which is great! She passed all the other little exams and we couldn't be happier! Poor Aubrey was starving though by the time we left. She's not used to having to wait to eat and she kept trying to eat the doctor's hand! But she was good on the car ride home and had a nice second lunch and a well-deserved nap when we got home.

    Aubrey also does pretty well at night. I get a few hours of sleep and she'll make little noises letting me know she's awake before having to cry. It's a good system so far. We just have her in the bassinet in our room for this first little bit. I like having her close.  

    I'll keep posting little updates! She takes good naps, which gives me some free time. I know I should be sleeping, but I love looking at her and sometimes I just want to be close to her!

My Story - Part Three; The End of My Pregnancy

    The epidural was working, I was feeling pretty good! Jared and I were able to take naps and we just enjoyed our time together. The nurses would come to check on me and finally the midwife came to check how dilated I was. Finally, I was at 5 cm. She said that usually at this point with the drug speeding up my contractions, I should dilate another inch every hour, if I'm like the average woman. 

    Jared did the math and said I should be around 9-10 by 10:00 that night. So we waited and waited and watched TV and waited. Jared went out to eat again and came back and we waited some more. 

    We took another nap and the midwife came back around 8:30 to check up on me. Jared was hoping I was around 8 cm because of the math. When the midwife said I was 9.5 and it was time to get the delivery going, we got so excited! Well, Jared got excited, I got a little scared and nervous. I couldn't really feel anything from the waist down, so I wasn't sure how this whole pushing concept was going to work. 

    But we got me set up, they checked the monitor and told me when to push! It was pretty laid back, again, I refused to be one of the loud people in movies. Breathing went out the window though. I'd take a huge breath and just held it in while I pushed. The nurse had to remind me to breathe out each time before I took another breath.

    They weren't kidding when they said she was ready to come out. After the first couple, she was just a push away. A few more pushes, and she was out! My stomach deflated, they cleaned off our baby girl a little bit, sucked the stuff out of her throat and let me hold her. She was perfect! Totally worth the 9 months of being pregnant and worth the pain earlier that day. Even though I was exhausted (we had been there since 3 that morning and had her at 9:04) I was so happy! And Jared couldn't have been happier! He took pictures of her first few moments of being measured and cleaned and all that. 

    I was a little upset I couldn't see her. The nurses were all in the way, trying to clean her and help me with the after stuff. Jared would come back and check on me and tell me about out little girl. She still didn't have a name and he was having a hard time deciding. So I got to pick Aubrey Lynne. 

    I just wanted to hold her and see her. But I guess I lost a little more blood than I should have and I lost all the color in my face and lips. It didn't help either that I was shaking uncontrollably. It passed though and they finally let me hold our little girl!

    She is absolutely beautiful. Born at 9:04 PM April 15th. Weight 7lbs and 5oz. About 19 inches long. She has Jared's nose and I think his hair color. Her hair in back looks like mine, but it's lighter on top like Jared's. Her eyes are beautiful and I hope they turn into Jared's color. 

    We love her so much!

My Story - Part Two; The Pain

    So now, I am finally admitted and laying in the labor and delivery room. It was a nice room. My contractions were slowly getting worse, but I wasn't dilating very quickly. After a little bit, the midwife came in, saw I wasn't dilating very much and decided to break my water. Sure, no problem. I guess sometimes that helps. 

    Not with me though. Things were still going well, just slowly. Then they decided it was time to get me the epidural so they could give me that drug to get my contractions going double time. 

    Everything went smoothly with the epidural. It hurt, but the nurse was great and helped. The anesthesiologist was super nice and cracked jokes. It seemed like it was working, so I was left alone. It was around lunch time so Jared went out to grab something to eat. This is when the worst part of the whole day happened. 

    I was watching Queer Eye for the Straight Guy on our computer. The hospital had wireless, so I figured I would distract myself with Netflix while Jared ate. During the first episode I watched, I realized I could feel some discomfort in my abdomen. That was weird. So I pushed the little button thing to give me more drugs. They went in, I rolled over and continued watching. A few minutes later, I had the same terrible feeling. 

    For some reason, I didn't want to call the nurses. I wasn't sure if the epidural was just taking a while to work, and it really wasn't any sort of emergency. Just a little pain. I started the second episode just waiting for the pain to subside. It was coming every few minutes and lasted about a minute. 

    Jared came back from lunch and I told him I didn't think the epidural was working. I was feeling the contractions. I asked Jared to get the nurse and tell her the epidural wasn't working. By that time, I had pushed the button twice and was losing feeling in my right leg. Could barely wiggle my toes!

    The nurse came in and began to check the monitor to see what was happening with my contractions. She had been asking me throughout the morning what my pain level was on a 10 point scale. The highest I would ever say is 7.5. When she noticed the tears streaking down my face with every contraction, she knew my level was at a 10, I just refused to say it. This went on for quite a while. I would squeeze Jared's fingers with every contraction and just let the tears fall. Not only did I hurt from the contractions, but I felt bad that Jared was upset I was in pain. 

    The contractions were coming every two-three minutes and lasted about a minute. I barely got any break time between the pain. I tried to practice those silly breathing tips with each contraction, but half the time my breathing came out like quiet sobs. I refused to be loud like the people in movies.

    After a bit, the nurse called a lady who came in to give me another dosage of the epidural. We waiting for a little bit to see if it would help. Nope. Then I got another dosage...still nothing worked. Now was the time to discuss if I needed the epidural completely redone. 

    Because it didn't really hurt in the first place, I was fine with getting the second epidural. But ONLY if it would help. I didn't want another one for nothing! Now, my right leg was completely dead. There was no feeling in it. At all. 

    The anesthesiologist came back and got ready to redo the epidural. He wanted to try something else first to see if it would help. They gave me some other kind of drug to see if it would help, but it didn't. I didn't even ask what it was. 

    Plan B to the first epidural was redoing the whole thing. Fine...The nurse had to move my leg for me and help me sit up. I was numb up to my hip. The anesthesiologist wanted me to scoot back, but I couldn't. That part of me wouldn't function. He had to pull the blanket I was on so I would move back. 

    Things went well again with the epidural. The first time I felt the pain my right leg, but because it was completely dead, I felt nothing except the quick prick of the thing going into my back. They said though that Plan C was him bringing in a bat (trying to joke about just knocking me out so I'd feel nothing). The lady with him cracked a good joke about agreeing to Plan C was if I got to hold the bat (and hit him over the head because the epidural wasn't working).

    There was no need for Plan C. This time, it worked. After one epidural, 2 extra dosages of it, some mystery drug and a completely redone epidural, I was able to survive the contractions. 

    It was so great not being able to feel anything! The nurses were relieved not to see me crying, Jared was so happy not to have me squeeze his fingers (and happy I wasn't sobbing anymore), and I was in bliss being able to relax. 

My Story - Part One; Getting Admitted

    Jared was good and typed up his version of the labor and delivery of Aubrey Lynne while it was happening and right after. I, on the other hand, had other things on my mind and was too busy recovering to even think about documenting the day. 

    But now that Aubrey has a full tummy and is taking her first nap this morning, I find myself with a little extra time!

    So, this is my side of the story. Bear with me, it might be a little long. This is more for my record so I'll be able to remember most everything in the future :)

    It was past my due date a few days and I was just ready for this baby to come out! I wanted to give her a name and I wanted to hold her and I just wanted to be done being pregnant! Jared and I went for a walk Saturday morning to the bank where my coworkers were so great and pitched in to get us a present. We stopped by Smoothie King on our way home for a snack and for me to assess my condition. I was feeling pretty great, despite being tired. No cramping, no contractions, nothing. We get home, I'm exhausted and a little peeved walking didn't get the contractions going. 

    We go through the day like normal. Finally it's bed time and there is still no progress! It was silly, but I really wanted to have the baby that weekend, so with Sunday being the only day left, I was a little sad. But, sure enough around midnight I was up with cramping. The cramps got a little worse and closer together. I got out of bed, came out and watched a few episodes of The Office Season 1. The cramping was getting worse and turned into contractions. 

    I called the doctors' office to ask what I was supposed to do. The midwife said when they are about 5 minutes apart for half an hour, I could come in. Around 2:00 Sunday morning, the contractions were starting to come around 5 minutes apart. I went into the bedroom to wake Jared up so he could take me to the hospital. We still had plenty of time and he was a little slow waking up. We left our apartment around 2:30 (I think, it was pretty early in the morning and not too far after midnight). 

    Around 3 we made it to the hospital. Got forms filled out and they put me in the room to wait and be monitored. That was the start of a VERY long day in the hospital. 

    My contractions were coming in around 5 minutes apart, which was good. But apparently they weren't strong enough...The nurses came in, asked how far along I was. When I said I was past my due date a few days, they went back to "talk."

    A few minutes later, one of them came back and said because I was past my due date, instead of sending me home, they wanted me to walk around the hospital floor for an hour to see if it would help me get into labor. 

    We walked the stupid U-shaped floor for an hour. I was in the silly gown, it was 3:30 in the morning, I was hungry and I was sick of walking. Just to spite them, I stopped walking at 55 minutes and just stood there waiting for them to come get me at the hour mark. They didn't come, so we just walked back. 

    They hooked me up and saw my contractions were progressing (I could have told them that by how I was feeling). It was a busy morning though, so it took a little while for them to admit me and take me to the room where the fun would happen. Finally, around 5:30, I was taken to the room.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aubrey Lynne Roush

    Aubrey Lynne Roush was born April 15, 2012 at 9:04 PM. She was 7 lbs and 5 oz and 19 inches long. We love her so much! She has dark hair in back, but some of her hair is light, where we aren't sure if she has my brown hair or Jared's red hair. Her eyes are a beautiful blue color, but that may change in a few months. 

    She for sure has Jared's nose, which is so cute! Her cheeks are adorable and we just love everything about her!

    I'll post the story some other time. Right now I just want to play with her and Jared! Here is one picture we have of her. Don't worry, I will post more!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Made It The Whole Way

    So today is the official due date! Made it the whole 40 weeks without very many problems!

    Even the problems I had weren't that bad. I never really got sick, just had that morning nausea feeling that all day. I was still able to work and wear most of my pre-pregnancy clothes. Then I started getting my tummy and had to get some clothes to wear to work. But they were flexible with what I wore in Nashville, so I didn't have to get a whole new wardrobe. 

    I never really had any cravings, so Jared didn't have to run out to the store at midnight to get anything gross. I stick to things I know I like to eat. 

    It wasn't really until this past month that things got a little harder. This ball in my midsection makes it hard to roll over so I don't sleep well. And I get tired quicker, even after just a quick walk to check the mail. Smells drive me crazy. We can smell the apartment next to us sometimes when they make something disgusting to eat. Some customers at work smelled awful as well, so after I would help them, I had to walk around and get fresh air again. 

    I'm ready for it to come to an end though. I'm ready to hold my baby girl and I'm excited to be able to bend over again :) And I am SO ready to dress our girl up in all her cute outfits!!

    It'll also be fun to lay on my stomach again. Sometimes I can lay on my back, but not for too long. 

    I will keep my body pillow though! It's been so fun to have!

    Because our baby can come at any time, I'm trying hard to keep our apartment clean. Doing the laundry, going to pick up and vacuum the apartment, and just make sure everything is good. If we have to run to the hospital, I don't want to worry about coming home to a dirty apartment. My mom will be out for the first week we're home and I don't want her to feel obligated to clean. 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Due Date Eve

    Jared made the comment this morning that today is our Due Date Eve! Tomorrow is my due date, though I am not holding my breath she'll come before or on that day. 

    She seems to have a mind of her own. During the day she seems quite calm and fairly normal. Then once it gets to the point I want to sleep, she decides to conduct her own Zumba classes in my stomach! Last night, she was going nuts for about an hour straight!

    But we are very excited for our baby girl to come, whenever that may be! I have another doctor's appointment for Thursday, if she isn't here yet. They'll check to see if it's safe for me to go any longer past my due date. Depending on what the doctor says, I may be induced Monday, the 16th. So no matter what, she should be here at the latest the 17th! Unless they decide I can go further past my due date. 

    I'm not patient enough to go any further than tomorrow. We've been dying for her to come for a week! I'm ready to be done being pregnant. I miss being able to bend over. Every time I squat down, it's almost impossible for me to stand up straight for the next hour!

    For the past few days we've had fun trying to get her out though. We've done the Eggplant Parmigiana from Scalini's, which is famous for putting women into labor and then delivering within 48 hours. I've vacuumed the whole apartment. We walked for almost 3.5 miles. For me being 9 months pregnant, that's a pretty good distance for me!

    We're still taking pictures, documenting the pregnancy. I'm still not very large, compared to other women, but I feel pretty stinking big. I only like pictures from my neck up...and even then I don't like half the pictures. But we do have a good one for Easter.  

I love Jared's Easter tie. It's yellow and blue!

    We also had a yummy Easter dinner. Ham, deviled eggs and rolls. Nothing too extravagant, but delicious and we have leftovers! 

We're trying to figure out what to do with the rest of the ham. Last night we put it in our mac-n-cheese. Tonight I'm going to attempt chicken cordon bleu, if this baby doesn't come first. 

    But, I have to keep telling myself, she won't come when I want her to. She'll come when she wants (unless it's the 16th, then she's coming out!).

Saturday, April 7, 2012

3 AM

    For the past few nights, I have woken up around 3 AM each morning and find myself unable to sleep. It's getting really annoying. Poor Jared, I think, is getting pretty sick of it too. 

    Does anyone have any suggestions or recommendations for helping me sleep better? I don't eat or drink right before bed, I make sure I'm in comfy clothes and I sometimes fall asleep quickly. 

    But sure enough, it's the third night in a row where I am up and about at 3 AM!

    I will also accept suggestions and recommendations of things to do at this terrible hour. Usually after being up for a while, I get hungry and need a snack. I just ran out of yogurt. Any ideas for a good snack?

    Being able to get back to sleep quickly and staying asleep will also help Jared. My tossing and turning only makes the night worse for him. I tried cuddling with him one night, but my arm around him just made him dream of a cat jumping on him. His scared reaction about scared me right off the bed!

    I would appreciate any comments anyone has for me! Even if they are silly or out of the ordinary! I just need a little help :) 

Monday, April 2, 2012

It's April!

    I can't believe it is April already! This pregnancy seems like it has gone by so quickly! Which is probably a good thing. I didn't have many of the pregnancy woes that usually make the trimesters feel like eternity. These last few weeks might seem to take forever though. 

    With the baby room pretty much done, my packing list for the hospital bag done and the countdown chain dwindling down to the last handful, I'm running out of things to keep me busy!

    People at work ask all the time when I am due, and how much longer I have. It's hard to not notice this belly when I walk around at work. It's so crazy saying I'm a week and a half away from my (first) due date! (If we go by my second due date I got from the doctor office here, we still have a little bit)

    Work keeps me busy and distracted, which is good. But they haven't made me a schedule yet for the month of April, with the fact I can have the baby at any moment now! I just have my schedule for the first week, but after that, I'm up in the air :) We'll see what the doctor says this week about me working...

    I have to be a little picky about when I work. It's nice when Jared can drop me off in the morning and I can walk home if I don't work til closing. And I'll work Saturdays because they are a partial day and not usually too stressful. 

    If this baby comes late, I'm going to be pulling at my hair for her to come. But right now, being in the same month as my due date is kinda freaking me out! April wasn't supposed to be coming along for another few weeks! Now it's here and the time til the baby comes is just getting closer and closer!

    A week from Wednesday is my due date. Oh my goodness. We'll see when she decides to come though. I really hope she doesn't wait too long. We are so excited to see her! And we have to see her before we decide on a name. Having a no-name baby is a little sad. But we'll manage!