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Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Aubrey is learning how to count! I absolutely love it!

She'll come up to Jared and start counting his toes, because I count her toes all the time! I even got it on video one night!

Made key lime bread

I was looking through my recipe book and I found something for lemon bread. So I put "lemon" on my shopping list.

Then I realized I still had key limes in my fridge. A lightbulb went off above my head! Let's switch the lemon for lime!

I found a recipe on pinterest. The pinterest link went to THIS SITE. It's a recipe I'm going to try again!

The most fun was making the actual bread! Aubrey was so funny and wanted to help. I got some pictures as we went and even a fun video!

My little helper putting ingredients in.

She loved watching the mixer go.

Aubrey really enjoyed licking the lime. She would rub it across her lips like chapstick and then lick it off!

This video is just so cute to me.