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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Aubrey at 18 months

     So I've been slacking on blogging. I figured the easiest way to get back into it, is to talk about Aubrey!

(This is her "who, me?" face)

     She turned 18 months on Oct 15 and sometimes I can't believe how big she's gotten! But then I think back and realize, oh...she really HAS been growing the past year. She is no longer my sweet little baby who likes to cuddle and couldn't move around the floor. Then Aubrey figured out how to roll. Then crawl. Then stand up and walk. She went to no teeth and now somehow she has 12! And working on more!!

     Here is the recap of the past little bit: 

     Aubrey is a pro at walking. Once she decided she wanted to do it, she has been awesome. She's even figuring out how to pick up more speed by running and she's comfortable with her balance that is is hopping! Sometimes she doesn't hop that well, but when she's in a good mood, she is able to get both feet off the ground and successfully land on them again :)

     It's nursery time! She's gone in a few days and things have been going pretty well. Not amazing and it's still a little rough some days, but she's getting better and we're working on things here at home. Aubrey is so great at sharing and she doesn't know how to fight yet, so when kids take her toys, she just finds something else!

     We're going through a "no solid food" phase. Really not fun. But on good days she'll eat things like yogurt, toast, pb&j sandwiches, ravioli, pretzels, carrot sticks, apple slices, green beans, peas and bagels. One time she ate some chicken parmesan, which was amazing!

     Potty training is a fun experiment right now. She likes to sit on it with her clothes on, but hasn't gotten used to it yet without her diaper on. But she knows what I mean when I say "go sit on your potty!" And she knows it's in the bathroom because she plays with it all the time. 

     Being outside is one of her most favorite things! Now that the weather has changed and it's cooler, I don't like having the door open as much. On good days she likes to play out there and pick up the leaves and rocks and things. When I feel well and up for it, we sometimes go to the little duck pond behind us and she'll run in the grass. Jared showed her how to throw rocks in the water. She'll go and find rocks and try to throw them in herself and nearly fall in the water or she'll hand them to me to throw :)

     The zoo is now closed, but she LOVED going to the zoo every week! Being able to walk around and look at animals was great. Walking through the kangaroo area was awesome and she loved playing with the goats. Maybe next year she'll learn some of the animal names and their sounds!

     Speaking of sounds she makes, she doesn't care about talking, but she is so smart! She'll make the right noises for elephants, lions, dogs, cats, owls, and snakes. Though she won't say Mom or Dad, she'll say hi when she puts a phone to her ear or when she's outside and pops her in for a second. 

     Aubrey is awesome at high fives and she recently learned how to fist bump. and she LOVES the reaction from Jared when she "pounds it" and she'll run between us to bump our fists!

     Kissing is so sweet! She gives kisses all the time and she knows that if she gives dad a kiss, she has to give mom one too. And vice versa! Sometimes when Jared and I hug, she wants to join. So we have three-way hugs and three-way kisses when Jared comes home from work!

    Her hair is looking more and more strawberry blonde. Not sure where she got that from! But her eyes are beautiful and green. She has an adorable smile when she feels like it! 

     We'll do body part lessons and she's figured out most of her body! She knows where her head, hair, nose, eyes, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, cheeks, tummy, fingers, thumbs, toes and knees are! She'll point to each body part (for her tongue she sticks it out!).

    We haven't taken her to nursery for a little bit. She got a cold so we didn't want to drop her off and get other kids sick. But the couple times she went, she did pretty well! 

    We had some little photo shoots!