Stories from the lives of Jared, Stephanie, Aubrey, Hannah and Dani Or, Jare-phanie-brey-nah-ni

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Terrible Teething

    Poor Aubrey has had a difficult past couple weeks. 

    After months of not teething, 3 teeth decided to pop out around the same time!

    We'd noticed the drooling (so much drooling) and the constant biting of everything and had our suspicions it was coming soon. 

    But we weren't expecting another bottom tooth. I just assumed the 2 on top would be the next teeth to come. I was wrong...very wrong...

    I noticed the third bottom tooth coming through and thought "woohoo!" Then I noticed a top tooth starting to poke out. A week later, I saw the second top tooth getting ready to come. 

    So that's pretty much 3 teeth in 2 weeks! We had some sleepless nights and cranky days, but we've made it through!

    We had the pain reliever and the teething tablets, plus some great ideas that worked the first time around when Aubrey got her 2 bottom teeth!

    I think we have a small break though before going through another teething experience. She's sleeping a little better and she isn't drooling nearly as much. 

    I won't get my hopes up this will last a long time, but a few weeks break will be nice :)

    When all the teeth are out and looking nice, I'll get a cute picture of all her teeth!

    I just have to watch out for her biting people now :) I've gotten advice from other parents to bite her back, so we'll see how I feel in the moment!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Becoming A Big Girl

    So much is happening the last little bit!

    Aubrey is eating so much food, it's crazy. She is making all sorts of new sounds and even seems like she is complaining when she's upset!    

    And she figured out how to climb up the stairs in just 2 days. One day, she tried, but couldn't figure out how to keep moving. The other day, she figured it out and now ALL she wants to do is climb up the stairs!

    We had to take the gates down that were blocking the stairs, so now she has full access. We have to keep a very watchful eye on her every time she tries to turn that corner. 

    Going down isn't really an interest yet, she just likes being able to go up and explore the level above whatever floor she's on. 

    I'm not even really sure how to teach her to go down. Going up was easy because she's already climbing up on everything else like the couch and chairs and the fireplace. 

    Any suggestions on how to practice going down the stairs?

    And Aubrey is eating real person food. Not that mushy baby food, but I give her food from my plate all the time. One night I gave her some cut up noodles. Another night I gave her cooked carrots. She almost always has a roll and eats a pizza crust. Cereal is a treat in the morning and she somehow knows who has food. If she sees someone with food, she'll follow that person like a puppy begging!

    She's finally in size 3 diapers! I think now she is the weight she was supposed to be a couple months ago (whoops), but she's getting plenty of food,  and has no lack of energy, so I'm feeling OK with her weight gain. 

    Aubrey loves to nod and shake her head. It doesn't really make sense when she does it sometimes, but she'll stare you down and wait for you to start nodding. Then she'll smile and move on to the next person. 

    Dancing is hilarious! We watched the Katy Perry movie and she was dancing every few minutes! She gets up on her knees, puts her hands up a little bit and starts shaking side to side. When she is standing and dancing, she'll bounce a little. 

    She is just getting so big! I CANNOT believe she is turning a year next month. I just had her a couple months ago! And a couple months ago she was just starting baby food. And she was just starting to roll over! It feels like everything happened just a few months ago, when really, I'm just denying the fact my baby is getting bigger each day.