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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Why Walk?

    So the new thing Aubrey loves to do is pull herself up and hold on to things with just one hand. 

    She has gotten so fast in crawling, and I swear she picks up more speed each day!

    But she's also gaining speed in running around the couch while holding on. She hasn't figured out she can let go yet. Every now and then she'll let go and stand for a second or two, but she always leans forward and ends up holding on the couch again. 

    It's not just the couch though. She's been pulling herself up on the side of the fireplace, pulling herself up on chairs and going around the kitchen, hopping form chair to chair. She'll pull up on the entertainment center, kitchen cabinets, the trash can, storage bins, practically anything! 

    We have to make sure her socks have good grips so she won't slide on the hardwood floor when pulling up on the chairs. She's even gone for the gates that keep her from falling down the stairs!

    She doesn't really show any interest in letting go and taking a few steps, because she is just so comfortable holding on, even if it's just with one hand!

    I'm ok with her not walking just yet. When she crawls I can hear her thuds on the floor so I know where she is. And she's fast, but she can't out-crawl me. 

    But here's a cute picture of her standing and showing her new talent :) And it's even cuter that she's in a Winnie the Pooh outfit!

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

10 months!

    Oh my goodness, Aubrey is 10-months-old!

    I can hardly believe it.  She's still so cute and little and just hilarious, it's weird thinking she is growing and is already so much bigger than just a few months ago!

    Quick little update, she is gaining weight again, so she's probably where she was supposed to be at her last check up.

    Aubrey is getting better at pulling herself up and she loves cruising around the couches and pews at church. She loves to eat real food (not baby food) and her favorite is rolls.

    Every now and then she freaks me out and will let go of the couch to stand for a few seconds on her own. I'm terrified of her falling (because she starts crying the majority of the time and I'd rather avoid that) so I always rush to grab her. But she's supposed to start figuring out how to stand, so I have to hold back. She's gotten really good though at letting go and then just leaning forward to grab the couch again.

    She is making tons of sounds now. Sometimes it sounds like she's saying "Hi-ya" and "Da-Da" and "Ma-Ma." When she says "Ma-Ma" though, she says it with her tongue. It's kinda weird, but I'll accept it!

    And she loves making new friends! At church she crawled under the pew in front of us and went right in between someone's legs. They picked her up and played with her and she felt comfortable enough to take a nap!

    Her tastes buds are always surprising me! We give her tons of stuff to lick and taste and she always goes back for more! A couple weeks ago we had her try a green pepper. She just kept biting it and sucking it! A few days ago we had her try lemon again. She held it in her hands, would bite it, make a silly sour face and then go back for more!

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few weeks!

 Our little Winnie the Pooh bear

 Playing on the couch

 Practicing her clapping

 Crawled under the chairs and got stuck

 Just laying out on the floor

I love this little girl!!