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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Busy Holidays

    Jared, I and the baby are moving to Atlanta the beginning of 2012! And I mean right at the beginning. Jared accepted a job offer that couldn't be passed up and he starts working January 3!

    Oh my!

    We are spending a week in Augusta with my parents and a brother to relax. On the way though, we stopped at an apartment hunter agency and looked at some nice apartments. We saw all the ones we wanted, except one. Bummer. But we like one we saw and decided that would be "the one!"

    The plan so far: my last day at work is December 30. The next day, someone will help Jared move our stuff into our rented moving truck. We'll just have the truck hanging out for the weekend so we can officially move out of our Nashville apartment on Monday, Jan 2. We'll head out that Monday morning, get to Atlanta and have people help Jared unload. I kinda wish I could help...kinda :)

    Our vacation has been great so far! We've been able to relax and also have lots of fun with Christmas traditions. 

    My mom got to show off my preggo belly to her co-workers. Dad, Jared, James and I made tons of sugar cookies and a few gingerbread cookies. I learned from Dad how to make the frosting and we used up all our frosting trying to finish all the cookies...we still have quite a few left over to frost :)

    Tonight we get yummy Christmas soup and we'll frost the rest of the cookies! Hooray!

    We love Christmas! We love family time! We made a little Christmas video for Jared's family's Christmas Eve Program! We are also excited to have Christmas with just us this year...our last chance to have a Christmas with only us before kiddos come!