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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sleepless Nights

I don't know what it is about this pregnancy, but I just can't seem to sleep. It just feels like I take naps during the night, which is essentially what I'm doing. 

I wake up every few hours. One time is because I'm hungry. A couple other times to use the bathroom. A time or two because Aubrey is up and crying. Sometimes this baby moves rather dramatically to a new position, elbowing and kicking and shoving my internal organs to reach her desired position. And my favorite reason to wake up, because it's uncomfortable flipping from side to side. 

Apparently I have a hard time rolling from side to side without having to basically sit up in bed and then move. I can't just roll over like a rolling pin (what I would love to do). So I basically have to twist my top half to get my bottom half to move too. There isn't a whole lot of space so I have to do it all in the same spot. It's just uncomfortable! Might be better for me just to sleep on the floor. Lots more space for me to move!

I don't think I have many weird dreams. I guess I don't remember them like other women do. So I know that's not a reason why I wake up. 

But this makes me wonder what will happen when the baby comes. Is my sleep ruined forever? I'll be nursing the baby so I know I'll be up every 2 hours (still), then what? When baby sleeps through the night, will I be able to?

Aubrey used to be sleeping well through the night. Then something happened and she's been waking up a couple times during the night. She'll even go so far as to get up out of bed and try to open the door while calling out for Mama and Da. That's pretty difficult to sleep through. I'm chalking it up to teething. I didn't give her teething tablets or tylenol before bed, so it's probably my fault. 

But that lucky duck can go back to sleep. Even when Jared wakes up from Aubrey's cries or my tossing/moving, he falls back to sleep relatively quickly. 

Yet here I am, watching Big Bang Theory Season 2. Figure I can watch a disc a night when I can't sleep. Once I get through this season and the third, we have a few The Office seasons. And then there are funny movies like Easy A or Baby Mama to get me through the night. 

Thank goodness Aubrey takes decent naps. When she naps, I can nap too! I'm trying to cut back on Dr Pepper, so having a midday nap helps with that. 

I'm ready for the next sleeping phase though! I've been through nursing a newborn before. I'm fine waking up every couple hours to feed my baby. At least during the 2 hour periods of sleep, I'd be able to sleep on my back or stomach! 

I'm quite done sleeping on my sides, constantly trying to keep myself from rolling on my back. There is no temptation to sleep on my stomach, it's rather impossible right now. But I find myself drifting onto my back during the night and I have to overcorrect myself to keep from doing it!

So anyways. That was my rant. I've been up for an hour, so maybe it's time to try sleeping again. At least for a couple hours until Aubrey starts crying, I have to use the bathroom, I get hungry, or it's just flat out uncomfortable laying in bed on my side with a energetic baby.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


So a few updates for our growing family!

Aubrey is doing awesome! She is talking so much more, which is great. Her back molars have been coming in, so that's not too pleasant, but we'll get through it! She used to sleep well through the night, but either something happened or her tooth really bothered her and she has recently been waking up a lot. To help, Jared had the great idea to get her a nightlight. He was able to find a TinkerBell one, which seems to be helping. The past few nights have been better than others. I take that as an improvement!

Jared is doing well and is liking his job. Which is great! 

My pregnancy has been going well. I've been truly blessed and I know not everyone has good pregnancies like I do. I keep waiting for my luck to run out and I'll end up really sick right before the baby comes. 

We're having another girl, which is so much fun! Aubrey still doesn't grasp the concept that there is a baby growing in my tummy. That's just fine. I'm starting my 7 month and I'm about 28 weeks right now. I have a baby belly, but most people just say it looks like I had a huge meal.

My brother, sister-in-law and nephew are coming in a couple weeks and I am so excited. I can get a quick glimpse at how Aubrey might respond to having a baby in the house. My nephew, William, is about 4 months (I think) and Aubrey has never had a baby stay with us. I've babysat other kids, but not a baby. We'll see how it goes!

Our house is lots of fun to decorate! I have lots of places to put my Halloween and fall decorations. Christmas will be awesome. We may even have enough space for all of Jared's nutcrackers. We somehow lost all his ornaments during all of our moves the past 4 years, but his contribution to Christmas are his nutcrackers.

We went to Jared's cousin's wedding in Ohio this past weekend. Aubrey was so great, considering how much time she has to spend in the car! She was good with all the strangers and being in new places. She got a little antsy during the ceremony and the reception. But once the dancing started, she had a great time! We have some really fun videos I'll try and post in the next few weeks. I'm tired a lot and like to be lazy, so I'm not going to commit to getting the videos up sooner than next month. 

Aubrey was amazing with the traveling. I can't believe she put up with all the hours in the car. I lucked out and when it was my turn to take care of her in the car, she took a nap! Poor Jared had to take care of her while I drove, but he was a good sport about it. 

We also have fun videos of Aubrey playing in the leaves! Again, I don't make any promises to have them uploaded any time soon. But I have a great picture of Aubrey in a pile of leaves! This is at Grandma and Grandpa Call's house. So many leaves to play in!!

That's the end of my update. I'm sure I left some things out that I can't think of. And I'm sure I could post more pictures. Maybe I'll put up a few pictures of the Halloween decorations so everyone can see. 

I'll also get lots of cute pictures of Aubrey at the Ward Halloween party and actual Halloween. She has several costume options and I'm excited to see what she picks.