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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My rant against Prince Charming

    I recently did a post about Gaston and how he's really not such a terrible guy. 

    Now, I would like to share my thoughts on Cinderella's Prince Charming. 

    In most Disney movies, there are great heroic acts of love. Prince Philip goes up against Maleficent to save Aurora. Prince Eric has to fight Ursula to save Ariel. Flynn Rider escapes from jail (with help) and cuts Rapunzel's hair to save her. Aladdin tricks Jafar into defeating himself to save Jasmine. 

    These are just a few examples of the heroic acts guys went though to get to the women they love.

    Sure, Cinderella wasn't about to die like the other Princesses were, but she needed to be saved from her step-mother and step-sisters. 

    What is Prince Charming's big heroic act? Nothing! 

    The King wants his son to find someone to marry. So HE throws a ball where all the girls are required to come. Prince Charming was even being a jerk and YAWNED during the ball! But then he sees Cinderella, falls in love with her beauty (because he really knows nothing else about her. Not even her name!) and they have a nice dance. They spend maybe a few hours together. Cinderella takes off because of curfew and he chases after her for a little bit. 

    But it's the Duke who tries to close the gates. The Duke sends the guys on horses to get the carriage. 

    Prince Charming said he would marry the girl who fits the glass slipper Cinderella left behind. The Duke was right; that shoe could fit any number of girls!

    And it was THE DUKE who went out to find Cinderella! He had to go to EVERY house to try the slipper on EVERY girl. The poor Duke had to stay up all night and deal with girls who would do anything to fit in the shoe. Luckily Cinderella gets out of her locked room and the movie ends happy. The Duke takes her to the palace and Cinderella marries her prince.

    The Prince should have gone after Cinderella himself!!!!

    He should have gotten on his horse and chased the carriage. He should have searched through the night for Cinderella! He knew what Cinderella looked like! Prince Charming would have arrived at the door of each house. If the girl was blonde, he could try the shoe on. But if he showed up and the girl had brown, red or black hair, that girl was CLEARLY not Cinderella and there would be no point in trying the shoe on. 

    Prince Philip fought a dragon to get to his Princess. Prince Eric fought a giant octopus lady. Flynn Rider had to escape an execution to rescue his princess. Aladdin went up against a powerful sorcerer who turned himself into a giant snake. 

    They proved their love by showing it. What does Prince Charming do? He sends the Duke out to find the girl he didn't even know. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Aubrey's birthday preparations!

    Aubrey is now a 2-year-old!

    It's crazy! And we had some fun making it a good birthday!

    While going through Target getting her presents, Aubrey was getting a little upset being stuck in the stroller. So Jared handed her a big bouncy ball. Best idea ever!! We got some pictures of her playing with the ball at home.

    Jared got her a basketball hoop. Aubrey is just barely too short. But that doesn't stop her!

    I got Aubrey an awesome tutu and a little wand to wave around. She's Princess for the day!

    We picked up some bubbles because I want to see if she'll run around popping them. And they will be fun for the summer!

    The big present from me is a big bag of legos! She loves playing with them in nursery, so I thought it would be fun to have some at home! But all I could find were those little ones that would be lost or swallowed. Luckily, I found the large ones!

    Because her birthday is close to Easter, I wanted to make a little Easter-inspired cake. 

It's funfetti cake, yellow frosting, purple peeps, and watermelon starburst jellybeans.

    She's not old enough to pick what she wants for her birthday dinner, so I picked my favorite! Her Nana (my Mom) is coming for the week (flying in Tuesday, leaving the following Tuesday). It'll be big night and I wanted a fun dinner to celebrate!

    I decorated with balloons and streamers Monday night while she slept. Wanted her to wake up to a surprise!

I'll do another post when Nana is here! It'll be full of fun with dinner, birthday cake and presents!

Friday, April 11, 2014

I'd pick Gaston

    Aubrey is all about Disney movies. We watch the same ones over and over. 

    Which is fine! But I get annoyed with some of them after a while. I've done a previous post about how I've found valid reasons to dislike the other movies. 

    But today, while watching Beauty and the Beast (for probably the hundredth time), I had a new thought. 

    Belle can have the beast and get more than the provincial life. That's fine. It's great she had her standards so high and wouldn't even consider settling. And it's awesome she learned to love the beast and change him for the better as well. 

    The new thought I had was that Gaston really isn't TOO terrible of a person. Sure, he's conceited  and can be mean and has no tolerance for what he doesn't understand. But he has some great qualities too! He'd be a great catch for other girls who are happy with their lives in that town! They don't think they are settling and they could have a happy life with Gaston, and vice versa. 

    I have several points that fit my thought. 

   1. Gaston is handsome. He's got the dark hair, blue eyes and rippling muscles. I'm not a fan of hair all over, but some girls are cool with that. He takes care of his body and eats a decent diet to keep him fit (4 dozen eggs or something as a kid and 5,000 eggs as an adult. Pretty impressive).

    2. Gaston had self-confidence. He knew he was a catch! He thought for sure that Belle would be interested in him. He was confident he could win her over. Never had a second thought (up until she  thoroughly embarrassed him by making him fall in mud). 

    3. Gaston is a family man. He wants kids! He said he wanted 6 or 7 boys. That's awesome! He would play with them and teach them what they need to be a man. Not everyone is lucky and can plan what kids they have, but I'm sure if he has 4 sons, he'll be OK with a daughter too. Girls can shoot and hunt too!

    4. Gaston is a good provider. Did you see all those antlers on the wall of the tavern? He didn't miss a shot in the beginning of the movie. He's the best hunter around! He can easily provide for his wife and future family! Plus, they would have plenty of decorations around the house.

    5. Gaston is hard-working and clever. Once he set his mind to trying to get Belle, he went all out! Tried to impress her with his hunting skills. He put thought into their future. Even had the wedding arranged as a surprise! And when those attempts didn't work, he thought of another way. Sure, it wasn't the best idea to blackmail her, but he knew what he wanted! And I don't really care about Maurice anyhow, so he can go to the loony bin. 

     6. Gaston is a leader. Everyone in the tavern loves him. Even when he beats them up! They follow with the plan that Maurice is crazy. And when Gaston finds out about the beast, he riles up the community to take action. Again, it's not the best plan, but he's a hunter! He sees an animal he doesn't understand and his instincts kick in.

     All I'm saying, is Gaston can be a lot more than just the villain! Almost every girls dream is a confident, handsome man who is a good provider and wants a family. Gaston fits that! He had some flaws, but with love, he could learn to change (like the beast did)!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Aubrey's Favorite Things

Aubrey will be 2 in 2 weeks. Crazy! So here are some of her favorite things:

Aubrey has 4 go-to movies that we watch several times a week, it seems. 

For months, Mulan is the one movie that calms her down from the very first minute. She comes running when she hears the music right when the movie starts. It's the first movie I put on when she's starting to throw an out-of-control fit. Hooray for it being on Netflix!

She loves Swan Princess now too. Good thing it's on Netflix too. I know it's a good movie when she assumes the movie watching position:
But the movie has tons of songs and she likes to get up and dance to them. 

Speaking of songs, Aubrey is really getting into Frozen.  When Jared starts singing along, she just turns and gives him a look until he stops and she can hear the movie better! It'll be fun when she starts understanding more and laughing at the jokes. 

Aubrey keeps picking Monsters Inc out of the pile when I ask her to get a movie. Even when I disorganize the movies on her shelf, she still finds Monsters Inc and brings it to me! But it doesn't hold her attention as well. 
She has a couple books that she always goes too, as well. 

She loves picking out the Lion King book. She'll even sit there and let me read most of each page to her. Mostly she looks at the pictures and will kiss grown-up Simba every time he's on a page. It's pretty cute!

And Aubrey loves the Brown Bear, Brown Bear books. She'll get the Brown Bear one and the Polar Bear book and have me go through each animal. 

Every day she pulls the My Beautiful Savior book into her bed. We leave it on the bench after reading it to her at night. When she gets up in the morning, I guess she finds the book and pulls it into bed with her. Every time I get her ready for her nap, I have to pull the book out of her bed or she would sleep on it!
She still gets picky about what she eats, but she's branching out now! If she can dip it in something, she will eat it. 

Every morning, Aubrey has yogurt. She runs to the fridge and tries to open it to get her yogurt. And now that she's big enough, she can reach up to where they are and pick the one she wants. It's pretty cute. Sometimes she'll have a banana an hour after eating the yogurt, but mostly she just has yogurt in the morning and whatever Jared is eating for breakfast. 

Her lunches vary each week, depending on what I get at the grocery store. Some days she has macaroni and cheese. That's always been a favorite of hers. I make a box and it feeds her for about half the week. Aubrey just shovels it into her mouth!

Some days I spread peanut butter on half a slice of bread and fold it over. She'll dip it into the quarter size amount of jelly on her plate. That was a fun discovery!

Sometimes she just has leftovers from dinner. Like spaghetti or ravioli. 

Dinners are where she's branching out. I gave up trying to give her waffles/pancakes because she would never eat them. But now she's all for them! If she can dip them in syrup or jam, of course. But the other night she ate her own little pancake and ate 3 of the 4 triangles of a waffle! 

Aubrey loves ravioli. I get the cans of mini ravioli, which are perfect for her to put whole into her mouth. 

I try and have sides to help her get veggies and fruits. She'll eat peas, corn, green beans, pear pieces and apple slices.
Favorite activities depend on her mood. Some days she likes doing her puzzles. But she's figured them out and they aren't as much fun. Another activity is pulling out all the books and movies. Then she gets mad that she slips on them and falls on her bum. 

Going outside on the balcony is her one true desire. She'll stand by the door trying to pull the handle open. It's finally warming up, so I leave the door open parts of the day. 

When she's in a good mood, she'll "sing" songs with me. She'll at least do the hand motions with me. We do Popcorn Popping, Itsy Bitsy Spider and Book of Mormon Stories. Currently I am teaching her The Wise Man Built His House Upon A Rock (is there a shorter title for that song?).
Words Aubrey will say: Shoe, Cool, Hi, Bye, No, Done, Gone, Pooh and More (sounds like MOE). Even though she won't say words, she understands a lot. I think she's just stubborn. 

So anyways. Those of some of Aubrey's favorite things! I can't believe she will be 2. She's growing up way too fast!