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Thursday, June 16, 2016

Picking Strawberries

Our first year doing it! We wanted to pick strawberries last year, when I first heard about it, but June was a CRAZY month with lots going on.  We love going to Hilger's Family Farm for pumpkins and thought going for strawberries would be fun too!

But we decided to go last week and have the whole experience. Hannah is too young to care, but Aubrey had a good time. She mostly loved being outside and the wagon ride to the field. They both were good helpers.

We ate some as we went, just to make sure we liked the flavors of the areas we picked. Aubrey got bored after a few minutes. She either kept smooshing strawberries as she pulled them off, or they wouldn't come off at all. Running around was still an option, and that kept her occupied for a while! Picked a few flowers when the strawberries lost her interest.

Hannah had a great time. She'd eat the strawberries whole! Spit out the stem once she got all the good stuff. She was red and sticky by the end of it.

We didn't stay too long, but it was worth the experience. I didn't mind being able to get a few herbs for my windowsill! Now I can have fresh basil and oregano. Not to mention the awesome smell in my kitchen!

I snapped a "few" pictures of the girls being cute. I love them very much and am glad we got to have this experience at least once!

Wagon ride

Aubrey picking the strawberries

Hannah getting hungry

Got bored. Aubrey started to pick flowers while Hannah made her escape down the row

Our haul! Yummy

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