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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Youth Missions

Our little family helped with the youth missions today!

It was their MTC day, so they had classes and learned about being missionaries. They split into 3 groups and went to classes.

I only know what Jared did. He taught the kids how to start a lesson after getting a foot in the door. Seeing me was supposed to be a follow-up visit.

The Summerhays did an amazing job making the nursery look like a home. They pulled in couches from the foyers, put a rug down, had a TV and DVD player all set up. And because we were in the nursery, we had access to all the toys, which helped entertain the girls!

They made it their home away from home....

Anywho, it was fun pretending to be an investigator! I had fun not knowing much about Mormons. The youth missionaries were good sports. I purposely had a movie playing for my girls each time, making the youth ask me to turn it off. 

And I embraced the awkward silences! If they lost their train of thoughts or didn't know where to start, I just sat there...looking at them...while Aubrey and Hannah played. Each "visit" was only a few minutes. 

I think it all went well though! My girls had fun. I hope the kids had fun. I enjoyed my time there. I was never meant to be a Sister Missionary, but I really enjoy helping those who have interest in it!

The youth is a great program. Maybe I'll start volunteering to help more. A couple hours out of a Saturday is OK. If anything, it was nice getting out of my house, even though I had to pretend the church was my new home!

Because we played in the nursery room, hopefully Hannah will like the room more!

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